Death Stranding Trainer

26 Options · Game Version: Steam/Epic Store v1.0-v1.01+ · Last Updated: 2020.07.20

Death Stranding Trainer/CheatOptions

Num 1 – Infinite Health
Num 2 – Max Consciousness
Num 3 – Infinite Stamina
Num 4 – No Fatigue (No Max Stamina Drop)
Num 5 – Zero BB Pressure
Num 6 – Edit Carrying Weight Capacity
Num 7 – Infinite Ammo/Infinite Item Usage
Num 8 – Max Equipment Durability
Num 9 – Max Carrying Item Durability
Num 0 – Max Container Durability
Num . – Retain Balance/Won’t Fall

Alt+Num 1 – Invulnerable/Ignore Hits
Alt+Num 2 – Infinite Equipment Battery
Alt+Num 3 – Infinite Vehicle Battery
Alt+Num 4 – Ignore Weight/No Shifting Weight
Alt+Num 5 – Infinite Urine
Alt+Num 6 – Stealth Mode/Enemy Won’t Attack
Alt+Num 7 – No Reload
Alt+Num 8 – Max Vehicle Durability
Alt+Num 9 – Easy Building & Upgrade

Ctrl+Num 1 – Infinite Materials
Ctrl+Num 2 – Max Material Storage Capacity
Ctrl+Num 3 – Edit Chiral Crystals
Ctrl+Num 4 – Set Game Speed
Ctrl+Num 5 – Max Building Durability
Ctrl+Num 6 – Infinite Chiral Bandwidth

  1. “Retain Balance/Won’t Fall”: When activated, you won’t fall on the ground when running.
  2. “Infinite Materials” only works for materials that you already owned.
  3. “Easy Building & Upgrade”: When activated, you can finish building/upgrade by putting in any amount of material (You can just put in 1 chiral crystal). The building will also upgrade to max level automatically.
  4. “Easy Building & Upgrade”: This option will consume all of your carrying chiral crystals, you can use “Edit Chiral Crystals” and keep it active to have infinite chiral crystals.


  1. Added “No Reload”, “Max Vehicle Durability”, and “Easy Building & Upgrade” options.
  2. Updated “Infinite Ammo/Infinite Item Usage” option to work properly for ammo.
  3. Update “Max Building Durability” option, now it will also work for roads.

2020.07.17: Added “Ignore Weight/No Shifting Weight”, “Infinite Urine”, and “Stealth Mode/Enemy Won’t Attack” options. Lowered the value of “Infinite Item Usage”.
2020.07.15: Added “Invulnerable/Ignore Hits”, “Infinite Equipment Battery”, “Infinite Vehicle Battery”, “Max Building Durability”, “Infinite Chiral Bandwidth” options.
2020.07.14: Supports Epic Store game version.


File Date added File size Downloads
zip Death.Stranding.v1.0-v1.01.Plus.26.Trainer-FLiNG 2020-07-20 01:24 755 KB 5814
zip Death.Stranding.v1.0-v1.01.Plus.23.Trainer-FLiNG 2020-07-17 15:31 754 KB 3210
zip Death.Stranding.v1.0.Plus.20.Trainer-FLiNG 2020-07-15 12:33 753 KB 3036
zip Death.Stranding.v1.0.Plus.15.Trainer.Updated-FLiNG 2020-07-14 20:03 751 KB 1969
zip Death.Stranding.v1.0.Plus.15.Trainer-FLiNG 2020-07-14 18:44 750 KB 426

124 Responses

  1. Avatar zion says:

    Thank you so much!!! Does this work for Epic as well? I dont think the exe name is the same?? THANK YOU SO MUCH AGAIn!

  2. Avatar Roman says:

    You are an animal, wasn’t expecting this on the same day. Awesome work!

  3. Avatar PrinceHeir says:

    Just started just now. Will use this once I know the mechanics and all.

    Fling is a GOD!!!

    Thank You so much!!!

  4. Avatar Jaydream8 says:

    Awesome Job!

  5. Avatar Zion says:


  6. Avatar KS212 says:

    Thank you so much for this!

    Any chance you can add Infinite Battery Capacity? (for vehicles and exoskeleton frame)

  7. Avatar Kevin says:

    can you put up a manual of what each option does

  8. Avatar roroanteng says:

    can you add Story of Seasons : Friends of Mineral Town please…

  9. Avatar Locke says:

    Great work, Fling!

  10. Avatar lala afridi says:

    please Add teleport to waypoint and game speed and thank you so much for this <3

  11. Avatar McChicken Fish says:

    will this work for the physical version of the game?

  12. Avatar Fred says:

    Thanks a lot 🙂

  13. Avatar McFish Chicken says:

    I literally waited to get this game on PC because I knew you would make a kick-azz trainer that would take some of the annoying stuff out! Also you know when Sam is sprinting he can jump, you could add a Jump Height modifier too that would let him jump much higher maybe.

  14. Avatar Reezo says:

    You are the ABSOLUTE BEST Fling!! Thank you!!

  15. Avatar ADREAN says:

    could you do a story of season friends of mineral town please!!! THANK YOU!!! MR FLING!!!

  16. Avatar Doctor says:

    Nexomon pls

  17. Avatar Symphony87 says:

    Story of Seasons Friends of Mineral Town trainer please

  18. Avatar Elmek13 says:

    Thank you very much ! Good Work !

  19. Avatar r says:

    god damn you are a god sir, thank you so much!

  20. Avatar VideoJones says:

    I think the new infinite ammo/item usage option makes it so you have 99 of some items. This is causing them to weigh much more than normal. Would it be possible to make it so it doesn’t do that? I know that you can just edit carry weight, but I’ve been trying not to go crazy with the trainer usage and make the entire game completely trivial.

    • Avatar VideoJones says:

      I mean maybe have it so the number it sets things to is much lower than 99. Maybe like 5-10 or something so they’re manageable.

    • Avatar VideoJones says:

      Unless I’ve done something wrong, edit carry weight doesn’t appear to affect the regular limit of encumbrance anyway. I modified it to cover the extra weight from the 99 of certain items but I’m still in the yellow and walking around like I’m close to the limit.

  21. Avatar Koala says:

    So!!!Fast!!!So Quick!!!!

  22. Avatar skyline_pj says:

    Please fix the Infinity item usage option with 9 as in the previous version.
    I don’t use the Weight option and fixing it with 99 is too heavy to handle.

  23. Avatar NoName says:

    Would you be able to make a *** for the game “Neon Abyss” please?
    Thank you in advance! 🙂

  24. Avatar Ryan says:

    Is it possible for set walk/run speed option? The option “set game speed” works fine but it speed up the whole game

  25. Avatar dhachan says:

    Waiting for Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town

  26. Avatar KS212 says:

    Thank you for update! New options are great!

    But please set the infimite ammo back to 9 like it was in the previous version, 99 seems to mess with the carry weight

  27. Avatar Lezard says:

    Any chance for Freeze Time option to get better rankings after deliveries? Thanks

  28. Avatar Anonymoose says:

    Amazing trainer as always, but could you please set infinite ammo back to 9 (or even 2) so equipment doesn’t weigh so much?

  29. Avatar NLCaelum says:

    the Climbing Anchor will became super heavy after using the infinite items

  30. Avatar no name man says:

    If you start the trainer while the game is running, it will crash.

    Are there any requirements to use trainer?

  31. Avatar Rizky says:

    Please make STORY OF SEASONS Friends of Mineral Town trainer

  32. Avatar Anon says:


  33. Avatar Rostol says:

    the +15 version has a better inv weight than the +20… setting the anchors to 99 increases their weight to 140kg and setting granades to 99 increases their weight to 40 kilos.

  34. Avatar Kevin Hofer says:

    has anyone ever heard of Ebola steam game where you explore and you either can kill the mutated staff or avoid them and find things to unlock levels that are inaccessible due to doors needs keys to unlock them. it a really hard game because you have to preserve your ammo cause you use up your ammo very quicky and you can also be ambushed by them. its very easy to get killed in the game if you are not prepared.

  35. Avatar animal says:

    the rifle and hand gun shotgun , and other kill people ‘s gunis still count ammo , why ?

    • Avatar Alex says:

      I think becaz you can use the rifle to kill BT after throwing a blood grenade on it (I am not trying this yet)
      PS. in tips, it says this will have better damage than a blood handgun…

  36. Avatar Trondeath1977 says:

    Love the trainer – keep up the good work
    Two things that cause a little nuisance
    – cargo capacity no matter how much you carry it tops a the maximum you can carry withou the trainer – maybe the trainer could work another way, by reducing the actual weight of the cargo by 10 or more – exemple 100Kg metals would could only weight 10 Kg or less
    – the number of uses actualy increases the weight beyond the original intente exemple the climbing rope with 99 uses, actually weights 150Kg give or take

  37. Avatar Alex says:

    I want to ask if it is possible to
    “keep the perfect balance”
    “max charge blood handgun”
    “put more than 8 cases with no imbalance effect”
    PS. since +99 is so heavy for those tools…

  38. Avatar Shinonome says:

    Is it possible to “jump super high/far”? It sounds useless but may be fun.

  39. Avatar KS212 says:

    Thank you for the new update again! Everything is perfect now!

  40. Avatar Anon says:

    infinite ammo doesnt work very well with weapons exceeding 5 rounds in the mag.

  41. Avatar Ryan says:

    The new added options are working but now the unlimited ammo/items option is partially broken. Yes, it solved the overweight issue people have been complaining but now it mess with the ammo for guns. How does it mess with the ammo?? Well, now you only have 5 bullets!

  42. Avatar Deamos says:

    Thanks you for your hard work. Is it possible that you can max your star each facility if you can do that I appreciated

  43. Avatar darkedone02 says:

    Everything works great but sadly the infinite ammo don’t work with the anti-BT handgun that I recently gotten from the chiral artist. However everything else works!

  44. Avatar Max Power says:

    Hello guys.
    Is it work for online mode in game?
    Does anyone use it for online?
    I want to use it in online, but afraid. I want only infinity items in online 🙁
    Please somebody who use it in online write here about u experience.
    Thanks a lot!

  45. Avatar Max Power says:

    In previous post I mean some materials like metals or smth like this.

  46. Avatar Paz says:


    • Avatar sam and dean says:

      Yes me same but no one hear it !!!

    • Avatar Rongkun Zhu says:


      • Avatar Paz says:


        • Avatar sam and dean says:

          我把打到賊人中拿到的放到分享給人了,說真的用炸彈好,不用瞄….. d>w<b

  47. Avatar airismything says:

    Does this work in online? Will others see the structures I’ve built?

  48. Avatar Alex says:

    seems like Max Building Durability doesn’t work on the Road

  49. Avatar KingOne says:

    Thanks fling you are the best, Please add Teleport option

  50. Avatar Xieq says:

    Teleport option plus something for npc likes (stars) would be appreciated.
    Anyway its doing its job.

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