Doraemon Story Of Seasons Trainer

18 Options Β· Game Version: v1.0+ Β· Last Updated: 2019.10.24Doraemon Story Of Seasons Trainer/Cheat


Num 1 – Edit Money
Num 2 – Infinite Stamina
Num 3 – Infinite Watering Can Usage
Num 4 – Freeze Daytime
Num 5 – Infinite Items
Num 6 – Max Item Quality
Num 7 – Max NPC Friendship
Num 8 – Max Animal Affection
Num 9 – No Animal Stress
Num 0 – Crops Instant Grow
Num . – One Hit Destroy (Tree/Stone)

Ctrl+Num 1 – Set Player Speed
Ctrl+Num 2 – Set Game Speed
Ctrl+Num 3 – Minimum Livestock Pregnancy Time
Ctrl+Num 4 – Minimum Egg Hatch Time
Ctrl+Num 5 – Animals Grow Up In One Day
Ctrl+Num 6 – Wool Grow Back In One Day
Ctrl+Num 7 – Auto Watering Crops

  1. “Edit Money”, “Infinite Items”, “Max Item Quality” take effects when you open your backpack.
  2. “Max NPC Friendship” takes effect when friendship changes. (e.g. talk to NPC the first time of the day, give presents, etc)
  3. “Max Animal Affection” takes effect when animal affection changes.
  4. “Crops Instant Grow”: After watering crops, they will instantly be ready to harvest.
  5. “Minimum Livestock Pregnancy Time” and “Minimum Egg Hatch Time”: While activated, leave and re-enter the barn/coop will instantly trigger birth/hatch events. Note: you need to place a chicken on top of the egg in order to hatch eggs.
  6. “Auto Watering Crops”: Enter the farm from a different area (including your house, barn, coop) will instantly water all crops.

2019.10.24: Updated “Infinite Items” to lower the item quantity to 99 instead of 999 to avoid certain problems during item transfer.
1. Added “Auto Watering Crops”, “Minimum Livestock Pregnancy Time”, “Minimum Egg Hatch Time”, “Animal Grow Up In One Day”, “Wool Grow Back In One Day” options.
2. Updated “Infinite Items” option to prevent it working on tools. If your tool quantities have been changed before, you can use the updated option to reset them back to 1.


File Date added File size Downloads
rar Doraemon.Story.of.Seasons.v1.0.Plus.18.Trainer.Updated-FLiNG 2019-10-24 16:24 701 KB 20932

81 Responses

  1. Avatar Symphony says:

    thanks fling

  2. Avatar Symphony87 says:

    Hai, FLiNG can you make trainer
    harvest milk and sheep fur every day ??

  3. Avatar apam says:

    Thank You

  4. Avatar kuyozamphy says:

    can u make manual edit item ? thank before fling

  5. Avatar lalalord says:

    thank you

  6. Avatar Walter says:

    my equipment become 999 after i use infinite item. can you help about it?

  7. Avatar GEUNGUEN says:

    Ctrl+Num 7 – Auto Watering Crops <<<<<<<<<<<<<< AWwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww that's a end game!! YES!!

  8. Avatar Anon says:

    thank you fling, but can you add all items available in shops, i lost my working tools as when it’s 999 and i press SEND then it’s gone.

  9. Avatar Unknown says:


    • Avatar Anon says:

      fish them on the beach in the morning (6 AM -12 PM)during summer. Don’t forget to upgrade the Rod and use bait

  10. Avatar Chrno says:

    Thank you so much FLiNG πŸ™‚

  11. Avatar RIN says:

    Thank you so much , Fling.
    You never let us down. ><

  12. Avatar D5 says:

    Trainer for instant upgrade building please.

  13. Avatar Symphony says:

    Hai, Fling can you make again, set time, morning, noon, night. or set time /hour.

  14. Avatar Daniel says:

    pine triner please fling

  15. Avatar HHH207 says:

    Dear Fling, please make “Set Game Time-Clock Speed” option in trainer. There is “Set Game Speed” option but this make all game faster not just game clock. Please make this option in your trainer

  16. Avatar Vargarv says:

    working amazingly thanks

  17. Avatar Daniel says:

    FLiNG can you make a trainer for Pine????

  18. Avatar KingXRay says:

    Awesome trainer! I now only wish there’s a instant fishing and change seasons etc…

  19. Avatar Thanh says:

    Thank you for your hard work, but can you reduce Infinity Item to 99 to easy moving between backpack and chest without messing it up. Nice trainer :#

  20. Avatar KK says:

    Thanks :-), can you add a thing for even bigger backpack than giant one?

  21. Avatar A17 says:

    num 5 infinite items: can’t put item away or back back pack if it’s 999. 99 would work. please fix

    • Avatar A17 says:

      and there is items that shouldn’t be duplicate like the watermelon trophy

      • Avatar A17 says:

        actually put away anything that is 999 of it will make it dissapear, that is using send(V), if use pick(space) to put away, it will drop 99 and keep 900 instead

  22. Avatar abc says:

    need one hit in mine…

  23. Avatar Elli_chan says:

    thanks fling

  24. Avatar Nelson Chris says:

    Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain trainer please

  25. Avatar Daniel says:

    Pine Please

  26. Avatar Chuoi says:

    Everytime I choose “Minimum Egg Hatch Time”, there a bug or something…..just the loading screen (Noby running)
    My Egg have not been hatched for a month.
    Please help.
    Minimum Livestock Pregnancy Time is quite oke for me.

  27. Avatar baranowski says:

    Postal 4 trainer please

  28. Avatar prosurf says:

    thanks Fling! please make a Shenmue 3 trainer

  29. Avatar Roro says:

    Can you make trainer for earth defense force : iron rain

  30. Avatar KEVIN says:

    TQ sir l love cheat ;D

  31. Avatar Grandia says:

    Grandia HD please Fling πŸ™‚ ty

  32. Avatar MRT says:

    PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!! ……………….PINE GAME………………..

  33. Avatar Stoney says:

    Can we get a Monkey King Hero is back trainer, please FLiNG

  34. Avatar Nhan Bao says:

    Hi FLiNG, can you make x99 items cheat in addition of infinite items. I just want something x99 that doesn’t mess up my item stacks. Thank so much πŸ˜€

  35. Avatar DaeHanLiem says:

    Thank You so Much FLiNG Trainer !!

  36. Avatar Sacox says:

    How can i turn off trainer to play norman? btw thank you

  37. Avatar Riffen says:

    hai fling, can u make new gundam breaker trainer? please…

  38. Avatar Kuroko says:

    Pls make auto fodder inside the barn FLiNG. Thanks

  39. Avatar Alex lai says:

    Nice update! But how about a auto fodder and a auto feed for cows and chicken next time?

  40. Avatar Kang says:

    Very wonderful, but can you make infinity item from 999 to 99? Thank you so much!

  41. Avatar Afuxei says:

    Hi fling, please make EDF: Iron Rain trainner. Thanks Very Much.

  42. Avatar rendy says:

    i have a problem dude before i activate the cheat , game is not detected please lunch the game before activate the cheat .

  43. Avatar Peter says:

    Hi FLiNG, thanks 4 the trainer could u please make to 99 items only when activating max items cheat? sure it ruined all of my items bcz of this 999, when i’m mistakenly send 999 items to my backpack while mybackpack slot only 1 it automatic get deleted ……. so it’s ruin the items. and also could u add a feature/cheat that enable user to customize what we want items? for ex, i want gold milk so i can simply add the gold milk and i got the gold milk on my back pack? if u could do that, i’ll gladly donate money to you. thanks before FLiNG

  44. Avatar Starvo says:

    Hai Fling, the trainer is amazing. With your forgiveness, I wonder if an unlimited item is only 99 instead of 999. It looks messy if I sell it and if I discard something away, it’s annoying like an “EYY” every time Nobi Nobita does every farm work. Thank you for considering my mind.

  45. Avatar RIzky Rakhmadani says:

    Please make infinite items to 99 not 999, the 999 make my item bug, sometimes my item just dissapeared when i transfer it to storage box -_-

  46. Avatar Peter says:

    Hi FLiNG, could u add “Edit Items” cheat please? so we can add any items we want.

  47. Avatar Nelson Chris says:

    The other worlds trainer

  48. Avatar F31 says:

    Fling is THE BEST.

  49. Avatar Peter says:

    β€œEdit Items” cheat please?

  50. Avatar Hanzo says:

    Hey, Fling..
    can you give edit day,month and year on your trainer?
    because i need to spawn autumn for get invention inventor, so i can upgrade my pickaxe to super pick.. thank you

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