Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Trainer

32 Options ยท Game Version: v1.03-v1.10+ ยท Last Updated: 2020.04.29Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Trainer/Cheat


Num 1 – Infinite Health
Num 2 – Infinite Ki
Num 3 – Max Tension Gauge
Num 4 – Infinite Surge Effect Duration
Num 5 – Support Character Instant Cooldown
Num 6 – Max Combo
Num 7 – Items Don’t Decrease
Num 8 – Set Game Speed
Num 9 – One Hit Stun
Num 0 – Super Damage/One Hit Kill

Num . – Stealth Mode/No Random Encounter
Num + – Max Teammate Support Gauge
Num – – Infinite Oxygen

Ctrl+Num 1 – Edit Zeni
Ctrl+Num 2 – Edit D Medals
Ctrl+Num 3 – Edit Z Orbs (All Types)
Ctrl+Num 4 – Infinite Exp
Ctrl+Num 5 – Max Community Level
Ctrl+Num 6 – Easy Max Friendship
Ctrl+Num 7 – Obtain All Recovery Items
Ctrl+Num 8 – Obtain All Cooking Items
Ctrl+Num 9 – Obtain All Materials
Ctrl+Num 0 – Obtain All Gifts
Ctrl+Num . – Easy Unlock Skills

F1 – Z Orbs Multiplier
F2 – Exp Multiplier
F3 – Damage Multiplier
F4 – Infinite Food Buff Duration
F5 – Freeze Racing Timer
F6 – Infinite Vehicle Battery
F7 – One Hit Destroy Enemy Base
F8 – One Hit Kill Large Dinosaurs

  1. “Max Tension Gauge” takes effect when tension increases.
  2. “Support Character Instant Cooldown”: Sometime support character skills may appear grayed out, but you can still use them.
  3. “Items Don’t Decrease”: If you consume/remove all of an item’s quantity, it will disappear. Note some tutorials may require you to consume an item, you will need to disable this option in order to complete the tutorial.
  4. “Infinite Exp” takes effect when you gain Exp.
  5. “Max Community Level”: When activated, open a character’s soul emblem details screen, that character’s community levels will be maxed out, and the overall community level will also be maxed.
  6. “Easy Max Friendship”: When you give gift to a character, his/her friendship will instantly increase to max.
  7. Obtain All Items options: First open items menu, then activate these options, then exit and re-enter items menu to see items appear.
  8. “Easy Unlock Skills”: This will remove the requirements for story progress and level when learning skills, but you still need to complete training exercise missions to learn certain skills.

2020.04.29: Update for v1.10 game version.
2020.03.05: Update for v1.05 game version.
2020.01.30: Update for v1.04 game version.
1. Added “Infinite Food Buff Duration”, “Freeze Racing Timer”, “Infinite Vehicle Battery”, “One Hit Destroy Enemy Base”,ย  “One Hit Kill Large Dinosaurs” options.
2. “Damage Multiplier” now can go below 1.0.
3. Update for v1.031 game version.
2020.01.18: Added “Stealth Mode/No Random Encounter”, “Max Teammate Support Gauge”, “Infinite Oxygen” options.


File Date added File size Downloads
zip Dragon.Ball.Z.Kakarot.v1.03-v1.10.Plus.32.Trainer-FLiNG 2020-04-29 00:08 763 KB 40050
rar Dragon.Ball.Z.Kakarot.v1.03-v1.05.Plus.32.Trainer-FLiNG 2020-03-05 11:38 646 KB 25088
rar Dragon.Ball.Z.Kakarot.v1.03-v1.031.Plus.32.Trainer-FLiNG 2020-01-23 21:52 645 KB 23216
rar Dragon.Ball.Z.Kakarot.v1.03.Plus.27.Trainer-FLiNG 2020-01-18 13:59 643 KB 21820
rar Dragon.Ball.Z.Kakarot.v1.03.Plus.24.Trainer-FLiNG 2020-01-17 04:11 642 KB 16088

168 Responses

  1. Avatar Gian Repetto says:

    When will a trainer be released for version 1.06 ??? I wait for you anxiously

    • Avatar sealbreaker says:

      would not make much sense, ’cause 1.10 is out now with the beerus-DLC. anyway, the 1.05 was compatible witz 1.06.
      partially, it even works with the new 1.10 version – but not all the options – pls consider to update ๐Ÿ™‚ would be great

  2. Avatar StArBoY says:

    how to revert the changes of trainer by mistake my level is increased to 250 and now only my one hit kills any enemy please help me

  3. Avatar IlL+Lyx says:

    k i was really hoping you would release an option for “Z Orbs Multiplier” and “EXP Multiplier” below 1.0, you’ve done many other things that are just for noobs or people wanting to cheat… this game is literally unplayable as is… whats the point of going out of your way to do side quests when the main story gives you masses of xp, and most blast attacks are better than everything else most of the time because they do so much damage to enemies with a lower level…. disappointed to see that you haven’t done this…

  4. Avatar dan01 says:

    fling trainer needs to be updated for the newest patch that just came out patch 1.10 if you are able to could you update the trainer thanks.

  5. Avatar viper says:

    Error Message
    Address not found, please try to restart the game & trainer.
    If this error still occur, please contact me at FLiNGTrainer.com or at 3DMGAME.
    Be sure to include the following data (Press Ctrl+C to copy).

    Process ID: 000035D0
    Search Range: 00007FF7900C0000 – 00007FF794F83000
    Bytes Searched: 78.76 MB

    Signature: FF 41 28 44 8B 49 34 44 8B ** ** F3 0F 11

    Trainer Version: Dragon Ball Z Kakarot v1.03-v1.05 Plus 32 Trainer

  6. Avatar Foki says:

    Are you going to update the trainer for the v1.10 patch?

  7. Avatar Bheater says:

    pls update to game v1.10.. thanks fling ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Avatar Zoltar77 says:

    Update this trainer to the games’ latest version

  9. Avatar gabriel says:

    ja esta na 1.10 e vc nem colocou a 1.06

  10. Avatar sealbreaker says:

    yup, would be great if you do the update for game-version 1.10 with the Beerus-DLC

  11. Avatar Boy says:

    Thanks for update bro

  12. Avatar mate says:

    please mate drug dealer simulator trainer invisible option

  13. Avatar Antonio says:

    Can you Update please the Infinite Items ? there are a new type of items named “sacred water” to level up, It very enjoyable because I would like level up up to max the support characters but not the main characters

  14. Avatar Spawniq says:

    Hi fling can you add options like freeze and infinite health for enemies?

  15. Avatar MamangNyam says:

    It can’t be downloaded, it said it is a virus ?!??!?!?

  16. Avatar Rajdeep362 says:

    Can you add an option to edit the character level , because i used Infinite Exp cheat and it spoiled the fun so i want to revert back level

  17. Avatar Rajdeep362 says:

    Can you add an option to edit character level because i used infinite exp cheat and it ruined the fun and now i want to revert back my level

  18. Avatar Rishi says:

    Hey everyone, i have a small issue. I by mistake tapped infinite XP & now my Gokubis lvl 250 & rest all enemies are below 50. Now when i hit an enemy in combat it dies instantly as I’m way above in lvl.
    So is there a way to restore or turn down gokus LVL so than i can enjoy the combat ones again?

  19. Avatar Archit says:

    How to get level 250 ?

  20. Avatar KatiraYaoi says:

    Thanks you!!! <3

  21. Avatar ChrizZ says:

    Hey my exp Multiplier dont work it saids i i am lvl up but the lvl is the same :/

  22. Avatar ScheanX says:

    superb trainer, love it!

  23. Avatar nathsor says:

    there is an issue the XP multiplier is not working for me, but everything else work

    • Avatar mika says:

      after each fight you will see the real experience, but when adding to your exp it is multiplied

  24. Avatar Ashuraman says:

    Update for version 1.20?

    • Avatar mika says:

      version v1.03-v1.10 + works well with update 1.20, for now there is no need for a new trainer ..

  25. Avatar LaskyMC says:

    Tengo el juego crackeado Funciona? Y aparte cuando lo descargo se me borra me ayudas porfavor?

  26. Avatar Jason Vaughn Hanson says:

    update for 1.21?

  27. Avatar ayyyy says:

    Error Message
    Address not found, please try to restart the game & trainer.
    If this error still occur, please contact me at FLiNGTrainer.com or at 3DMGAME.
    Be sure to include the following data (Press Ctrl+C to copy).

    Process ID: 00003344
    Search Range: 00007FF6B4C40000 – 00007FF6B9B42000
    Bytes Searched: 79.01 MB

    Signature: F3 0F 10 40 34 F3 0F 58 ** ** ** 00 00 0F 2F C1 F3 0F 11 ** ** 76 ** F3 0F 5C

    Trainer Version: Dragon Ball Z Kakarot v1.03-v1.10 Plus 32 Trainer

  28. Avatar David says:

    is update coming soon? Thanks!

  29. Avatar Amine says:

    please update to 1.20

  30. Avatar Giank says:

    Can y add moltiplier exp below 1.0?

  31. Avatar Ryan says:

    I want to use the Easy Unlock Skills but i wish there was one that still locked the big plot skills and would be cool if it added a level cap to the skills that are not locked

  32. Avatar Sebbilock says:

    Dragon.Ball.Z.Kakarot.v1.03-v1.031.Plus.32.Trainer-FLiNG triggert Trojan:Win32/Vigorf.A when i will download it

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