Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Trainer

66 Options · Game Version: v20200109-v20200205+ Iceborne DLC · Last Updated: 2020.02.10

Note: Offline mode only.

Monster Hunter: World Iceborne Trainer/CheatOptions

Num 1 – Infinite Health
Num – – Invincible/Immune To All Damages
Num 2 – Infinite Stamina
Num 3 – Max Sharpness
Num 4 – Infinite Item Pouch Items
Num 5 – Infinite Slinger Ammo
Num 6 – Mantles No Cooldown
Num 7 – Set Game Speed
Num 8 – One Hit Destroy Body Parts
Num 9 – One Hit Wound (Easy Capture)
Num 0 – One Hit Kill
Num . – 100% Critical Hit
Num + – Super Weapon Elemental Effects

Ctrl+Num 1 – Edit Zenny
Ctrl+Num 2 – Edit Research Points
Ctrl+Num 3 – Infinite Lucky Vouchers
Ctrl+Num 4 – Edit Item Quantity (Item Box)
Ctrl+Num 5 – No Equipment Upgrade Requirement
Ctrl+Num 6 – No Equipment Forge Requirement
Ctrl+Num 7 – No Equipment Augmentation Requirement
Ctrl+Num 8 – Max Palico Level
Ctrl+Num 9 – Max Palico Gadget Proficiency
Ctrl+Num 0 – Max Tailraiders Level
Ctrl+Num . – Palico Gadgets No Cooldown
Ctrl+Num + – Discover All Monsters On Map
Ctrl+Num – – Stealth Mode
Ctrl+Home – Infinite Buff Duration
Ctrl+PageUp – Show Monster Health (Lock On)
Ctrl+Insert – Edit Player’s Name
Ctrl+Delete – Edit Palico’s Name
Alt+Insert – Infinite Character Edit Vouchers
Alt+Delete – Infinite Palico Edit Vouchers

Ctrl+F1 – Research Point Multiplier
Ctrl+F2 – Hunter Exp Multiplier
Ctrl+F3 – Damage Multiplier
Ctrl+F4 – Get All Rewards (Normal+Rare)
Ctrl+F5 – 10x Bonus/Expedition Rewards
Ctrl+F6 – Max Monster Research Level
Ctrl+F7 – Infinite Mantles Duration
Ctrl+F8 – Infinite Resource Gathering
Ctrl+F9 – Ignore Augmentation Slot (Master Rank)
Ctrl+F10 – Master Exp Multiplier
Ctrl+F11 – Defense Multiplier

Alt+F5 – Max Guiding Lands Region Level
Alt+F6 – Max Decoration Slots And Level
Alt+F7 – Change Hunter Rank
Alt+F8 – Change Master Rank
Alt+F9 – Infinite Investigations
Alt+F10 – Edit Guiding Lands Lures
Alt+F11 – Max Decoration Skill Level
Alt+F12 – Easy Unlock Armor Set Skill

Alt+Num 1 – Long Sword: Max Spirit Gauge
Alt+Num 2 – Great Sword: Instant Charge
Alt+Num 3 – Hammer: Quick Charge
Alt+Num 4 – Charge Blade: Max Charge
Alt+Num 5 – Switch Axe: Amped State
Alt+Home – Switch Axe: Max Charge
Alt+Num 6 – Gunlance: No Reload
Alt+Num 7 – Gunlance: No Overheat
Alt+Num 8 – Bow: Instant Charge
Alt+Num 9 – Dual Blades: Max Demon Gauge
Alt+Num 0 – Insect Glaive: Infinite Extract Duration
Alt+Num . – All Bowguns: No Reload
Alt+Num + – All Bowguns: No Deviation
Alt+Num – – Heavy Bowgun: Rapid Fire
Alt+PageUp – All Bowguns: Ignore Range (Best Damage)

  1. “Infinite Health” locks your health at max, but if you receive damage more than your max health in one hit, you will still be dead. You can also use “Invincible/Immune To All Damages” for better effects (you won’t be hit).
  2. “Infinite Item Pouch Items” works for consumables and ammo (for ammo, you need to open item pouch to take effect).
  3. “Equipment Upgrade Requirement” does not work for armors, you can use “Edit Item Quantity (Item Box)” to get upgrade materials for armors.
  4. “Max Palico Level”, “Max Palico Gadget Proficiency”, “Max Tailraiders Level” take effects when you complete a mission.
  5. “Max Monster Research Level” takes effect when research progress increases (e.g. track footprints, kill, capture, break parts, etc).
  6. “Heavy Bowgun: Rapid Fire” only works for the special ammo (Wyvernheart).
  7. “Show Monster Health (Lock On)” only work in DirectX 11 windowed/borderless windowed fullscreen mode. It will not work in exclusive fullscreen mode or DirectX 12.
  8. “Change Hunter Rank” and “Hunter Exp Multiplier”: You hunter rank is locked until you beat the main story. These options only work after you finished the main story. Note there are level caps at lv29 and lv49, you’ll need to complete specific missions in order to break the level cap.
  9. “Change Master Rank” and “Master Exp Multiplier”: Your master rank is locked until you beat the iceborne story, this option only work after you finished the iceborne story. Note there are level caps at lv49, lv69 and lv99, you’ll need to complete specific missions in order to break the level cap.
  10. “Max Guiding Lands Region Level” takes effect when you slay a monster in guiding lands.
  11. “Max Decoration Slots And Level” temporary unlocks all equipment decoration slots, when this option disabled, slots will restore to normal, but the decorations you already put in the slots will still have effects.
  12. “Defense Multiplier” reduces the damage you receive, it does not affect you actual defense stat.
  13. “Change Hunter Rank” only accept values between 16 and 999 (lv1-15 is set by story progress); “Change Master Rank” only accept values between 24 and 999 (lv1-23 is set by story progress).
  14. “Infinite Investigations” takes effect when you start an investigation mission.
  15. “Easy Unlock Armor Set Skill”: You only need one piece of armor to unlock its armor set skill.
  16. “Max Decoration Skill Level” takes effect when you select decorations in set decorations menu. Note this option is not permanent, skill levels will reset after restarting the game. To make it work a gain, go to set decorations menu again and select the decorations (you don’t need to change them).
  17. “Edit Player’s Name” and “Edit Palico’s Name”: After activating these options, save your game and reload the save file to see the names change. Note: the maximum length for character/palico’s name is 24 bytes in utf8 encoding (24 English letters/8-12 Unicode characters).
  18. “Infinite Character Edit Vouchers” and “Infinite Palico Edit Vouchers”: Your actual vouchers will still be used (if you have any), but you can edit character/palico even if you don’t have any vouchers. These options are not permanent, when they are disabled, the number of vouchers will restore to normal.

2020.02.10: Added “Infinite Character Edit Vouchers” and “Infinite Palico Edit Vouchers” options.
2020.02.09: Added “Edit Player’s Name” and “Edit Palico’s Name” options (read notes).

Special Notes

If the game freezes when activating cheat options, try to restart and activate cheat options in main menu before loading your character.


File Date added File size Downloads
rar Monster.Hunter.World.v20200109-v20200205.Plus.66.Trainer-FLiNG 2020-02-10 00:19 2 MB 128476
rar Monster.Hunter.World.v20200109-v20200205.Plus.64.Trainer-FLiNG 2020-02-09 14:05 2 MB 10541
rar Monster.Hunter.World.v20200109-v20200205.Plus.62.Trainer-FLiNG 2020-02-06 03:45 2 MB 76604
rar Monster.Hunter.World.v20200109-v20200126.Plus.62.Trainer-FLiNG 2020-01-29 21:15 2 MB 71180
rar Monster.Hunter.World.v20200109-v20200126.Plus.60.Trainer-FLiNG 2020-01-28 06:21 2 MB 26232
rar Monster.Hunter.World.v20200109-v20200126.Plus.58.Trainer-FLiNG 2020-01-27 10:55 2 MB 19722
rar Monster.Hunter.World.v20200109-v20200116.Plus.58.Trainer.Test-FLiNG 2020-01-20 13:44 2 MB 45809
rar Monster.Hunter.World.v20200109-v20200116.Plus.58.Trainer-FLiNG 2020-01-18 14:57 765 KB 20604
rar Monster.Hunter.World.v20200109-v20200116.Plus.56.Trainer-FLiNG 2020-01-16 22:28 766 KB 17655
rar Monster.Hunter.World.v20200109.Plus.56.Trainer.Updated-FLiNG 2020-01-15 19:40 764 KB 16300
rar Monster.Hunter.World.v20200109.Plus.56.Trainer-FLiNG 2020-01-13 14:26 766 KB 31982
rar Monster.Hunter.World.v20200109.Plus.54.Trainer-FLiNG 2020-01-12 09:11 764 KB 24047
rar Monster.Hunter.World.v20200109.Plus.51.Trainer-FLiNG 2020-01-11 13:44 762 KB 21611
rar Monster.Hunter.World.v20200109.Plus.48.Trainer-FLiNG 2020-01-10 16:00 760 KB 20851
rar Monster.Hunter.World.v20200109.Plus.35.Trainer-FLiNG 2020-01-10 12:50 757 KB 4644
rar Monster.Hunter.World.v20200109.Plus.22.Trainer-FLiNG 2020-01-10 00:47 753 KB 10805
rar Monster.Hunter.World.v20200109.Plus.20.Trainer-FLiNG 2020-01-09 22:58 710 KB 3623
rar Monster.Hunter.World.v20200109.Plus.8.Trainer-FLiNG 2020-01-09 17:30 764 KB 5756

945 Responses

  1. Avatar nemi says:

    i used the max guiding lands can now the levels won’t go back down is there a way to change this?

  2. Avatar iiysm says:


  3. Avatar 399183608 says:

    无限道具袋物品 这个弹药没锁住

  4. Avatar katie s says:

    Error Message
    Address not found, please try to restart the game & trainer.
    If this error still occur, please contact me at FLiNGTrainer.com or at 3DMGAME.
    Be sure to include the following data (Press Ctrl+C to copy).

    Process ID: 00002E40
    Search Range: 0000000146000000 – 00000001626A3000
    Bytes Searched: 454.64 MB

    Signature: 0F 28 F8 F3 0F 5C FE F6 C3 01 74 ** 49 ** ** ** F7 80

    Trainer Version: Monster Hunter World v20200109-v20200205 Plus 62 Trainer

    seems some of the AOBs are off for the rajang patch 11.50.00, unsure if this is on my end though

  5. Avatar zxgenesis says:

    is there such thing as permanent negative effect from using this?
    ive been using the game speed change to make it faster, now when im not using it the game feels very slow. part of me feels like maybe im used to the speed, but also part of me feels like the game is actually just being super slowed down

  6. Avatar 王猛 says:


  7. Avatar 守夜人 says:


  8. Avatar Raimond says:

    Thank you so much!!

  9. Avatar Romo says:

    can you make a sword and shield perfect rush full charge option?

    • Avatar VideoJones says:

      Isn’t that linked to timed button presses? I would imagine that would be either very difficult or impossible to implement but Fling has amazed us before so who knows.

  10. Avatar jiang says:


  11. Avatar jiang says:

    抓宠物还得时间段 晨曦和黄昏眨眼就过了 太难受了

  12. Avatar Filipe says:

    Newest update, augmentation unlock cheats arent working on lastest augmentations. I think it is because i dont have the items needed to upgrade it, but i shouldnt need them in the 1st place with the trainer

  13. Avatar cass says:

    the zenny and RP cheats doesn’t work for me
    any solution

  14. Avatar yakuza says:

    Any way we can get those rare pet spawns by any chance? Also thanks for the trainer! Works so well!

  15. Avatar Kivi112 says:


  16. Avatar xxx says:

    可以考虑出一个设置单个物品数量的功能吗 刷了十几把都不出但是又不想破坏游戏体验

  17. Avatar Hibiimi says:

    stuck on Black screen infinite loading on the +64 trainer

    • I don’t know if you’ve fixed your issue but if not I had the same issue when I first launched, I had to open task manager and end task for MHW and the mod. then re-launch the mod followed by MHW. hope it helps anyone with this issue.

    • Avatar ez says:

      Try to start the game first. Once you are entered into the character selection screen then lunch the mod

  18. Avatar Brah says:

    Any updates on fixing the infinite buff cheat where if its activated, the skill agitation wont activate?

  19. Avatar eclipse says:


  20. Avatar Apollo says:


  21. Avatar daniel says:


  22. Avatar says:

    The new + 64 is stuck in the black screen when I enter the game, but it doesn’t exist when I change to the previous version, that is, the old version + 62. Is there a solution

  23. Avatar Kyle says:

    wish bows had no range option not bow guns bows

    • Avatar Farwed says:

      All Bowguns: Ignore Range does work for bows, but the effect is not very obvious because you still need to charge your bow anyway. Combine that with Bow: Instant Charge will achieve the same effect as perfect range/damage.

  24. Avatar 方天瑶 says:

    thank you very much 感谢风大

  25. Avatar skyee says:

    i hope you can look into the buff duration function. now the debuff timer is infinite too.
    i think this should only work for helpful buff, right?

  26. Avatar GrooteS says:

    @FLiNG you’re the best, thanks for everything!!!!!!!!

  27. Avatar oscar says:


  28. Avatar good says:

    Please modify guild card

  29. Avatar 浅岚 says:


  30. Avatar Kido says:

    How will another one see the equipment when use “Ignore agument slot, Max decoration slots and level, Max decoretion skill level, Easy unlock armor skill set”

  31. Avatar 咖啡 says:

    大神我開了無限BUFF 冰咒龍套裝的寒氣練成會無法蓄力回來

  32. Avatar 张先生 says:



  33. Avatar JOJO says:


  34. Avatar Frank says:

    It would be better to add an option that unlocks all the monsters appeared in guiding lands. Now, the level is max, but we still need to find those monsters

  35. Avatar Nikolas says:

    pls Kings of Lorn The Fall of Ebris

  36. Avatar Nick says:

    Awesome trainer, absolutely love it.
    Just one suggestion : possibility to edit tailraiders level ? I maxed them now I’m stuck and can’t get quests for gadgets lol

  37. Avatar Jisuran says:

    unlimited buff duration enter in conflict with the velkana 4th bonus set

  38. Avatar c says:


  39. Avatar Daniel says:

    Does it affect to the people in the server if i turn on the Infinite Item Pouch Items?

    • Avatar Bruh says:

      Dont use it in multiplayer, causes an unstable game with a lot of the cheats. Plus Fling is asking us to use it offline because of this reason

  40. Avatar EVA13 says:

    风大 麻烦可以做一个恢复到之前聚魔之地等级会自动下降的功能吗?现在不能自动降级 只能手动 让我很苦恼 别的功能都非常棒!

  41. Avatar Xeratos says:

    I get severe virus warnings when I try to download the newest trainer. (2020.02.10 +66) Windows Security immediately blocks and deletes the download warning against a trojan malware..
    What causes this and how to solve it?

    • Avatar ez says:

      Same happend to me. What I did is I went to the setting panel/update and security/windows security/virus & threat protection/manage settings/real time protection click that off then download. once you downloaded the rar file you can turn it back on

      • Avatar Xeratos says:

        Yea, I did something similar with opening the windows security, pick the incident and set it to allow instead of quarantine. Downloaded it right after that and the trainer runs like all the versions before.

  42. Avatar says:


  43. Avatar 十四点三 says:


  44. Avatar IzumiHibiki says:

    Edit Vouchers…Is it OK to modify the payment function?

  45. Avatar LSH says:

    You use a trainer, you use an online party,
    Communication error 228 message coming up.
    Is it because of the trainer?

  46. Avatar Mariocarmenes says:

    can we get something like get XXX ammount of decorations only?

  47. Avatar newvelaric says:

    Fling, any chance you can add the option: Frostcraft bar always charged?

    Velkhana’s armor set gives you the Frostcraft ability/bar, and it can power up your weapons and make it look cool at the same time (the real reason I am asking for this!)


  48. Avatar Yuehua says:


  49. Avatar 好鲤鱼 says:


  50. Avatar 卡卡 says:


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