Remnant: From the Ashes Trainer

18 Options · Game Version: v214-v218+ · Last Updated: 2019.11.03Remnant: From the Ashes Trainer


Num 1 – Infinite Health
Num 2 – Infinite Stamina
Num 3 – Infinite Ammo
Num 4 – No Reload
Num 5 – Infinite Consumables
Num 6 – Infinite BUFF Duration
Num 7 – Super Speed
Num 8 – Slow Motion
Num 9 – Ignore Crafting/Upgrade Requirements
Num 0 – Super Damage/One Hit Kill
Num . – 100% Drop Rate
Num + – Weapon Mod Instant/Infinite Charge
Num – – Stealth Mode

Ctrl+Num 1 – Infinite Scraps
Ctrl+Num 2 – Infinite Exp
Ctrl+Num 3 – Infinite Trait Points
Ctrl+Num 4 – Scraps Multiplier
Ctrl+Num 5 – Exp Multiplier

  1. “Infinite Health”, when you receive damage, your health will restore to max.
  2. “Infinite Consumables” takes effect when you use consumables.
  3. “Infinite Scraps” takes effect when you pick up scraps.
  4. “Ignore Crafting/Upgrade Requirements”, you can craft/upgrade even if you don’t have the materials, but if you do have materials, they will be used.
  5.  “Weapon Mod Instant/Infinite Charge”, when you hit an enemy, your weapon mod will instantly charge. If your weapon mod can have multiple charges, it will set to 99 after you activate weapon mod skill.
  6. “Stealth Mode”, you may need to temporary disable it in order to trigger certain boss fight/cutscene.
  7. “Exp Multiplier”, sometime enemies give 0 exp depending on your current level and progress, in which case exp multiplier will not work (exp gain is still 0 after multiplied).

2019.11.03: Support for v218 game versions.
2019.09.19: Support for v216 game versions.
2019.09.13: Support for v215 game versions.
2019.08.20: Added “Stealth Mode” and “Weapon Mod Instant/Infinite Charge” Options.
2019.08.19: Added “100% Drop Rate” Option.


File Date added File size Downloads
rar Remnant.From.the.Ashes.v214-v218.Plus.18.Trainer-FLiNG 2019-11-03 17:18 653 KB 3091

72 Responses

  1. Avatar Snoopy says:

    How to change game process name?

  2. Avatar Fetro22 says:

    Ctrl+F1/Ctrl+F2/Ctrl+F3/Ctrl+F4 2/4/8/16x Weapon Fire Rate ?

  3. Avatar PcGamer says:

    Unlimited weapon mod powers please. The one we press F to activate

  4. Avatar PCMaster says:

    Any chance to add no recoil, no spread, and auto fire weapons? Thank you

  5. Avatar SimpleGamer says:

    any chance of stealth, hate it when l take a piss l suddenly died >.<

  6. Avatar SimpleGamer says:

    but thanks for making your trainer free and high quality trainer with many option. And l don’t know how to support you fling do you use patreon or paypal?

  7. Avatar peppino says:

    tank for this, but does not work in v.214.094_PO.
    Please get a new trainer out of this version.

    • FLiNG FLiNG says:

      This trainer is tested on v214.094 and v214.185. If you found any problem please describe it in detail. Btw you should update your game to v214.185 instead.

  8. Avatar Stoney says:

    @FLiNG can we get a stealth option too if it’s ok with you? Thanks in advance

  9. Avatar LeoTr says:

    Trainer doesn’t work ! I don’t know why ! Tried to run it as admin but when I press the buttons nothing happen, I only can use the options for 16x scraps and exp

    • FLiNG FLiNG says:

      That mean you’re pressing the wrong Num keys. By default, Num keys are numpad keys. Make sure your num lock light is on.

      • Avatar LeoTr says:

        I’m sure because I use on screen keyboard ! I have used a lot of your trainers but this time the trainer doesn’t work for me

  10. Avatar twyzter says:

    The trainer works thanks, can make a trainer for Forza horizon 4
    ULTIMATE EDITION – V1.332.904.2

  11. Avatar thiago vergara says:


  12. Avatar Stoney says:

    @FLiNG thanks I was able to beat the game with the stealth option

  13. Avatar NightShadow says:

    FLiNG ,when playing in a co-op, does the trainer work only for the person who created the game? when the coach starts, the second member of the team then the trainer’s functions do not work for him.game version

  14. Avatar NightShadow says:

    a day ago, the coach worked for both team members in a cooperative, and now only for the one who created the game

    • FLiNG FLiNG says:

      I don’t provide multiplayer cheat support. I would rather it doesn’t work in multiplayer at all.

  15. Avatar DUH says:

    To the idiots asking about coop/multiplayer: you’re NOT supposed to use trainers/cheat engine in MP!! That’s how you’ll get your ass banned as well as ruin the game for others. Don’t be stupid & stick to single player offline only with cheats.

  16. Avatar Mr D says:

    damage multiplier would be real nice, don’t want kill them quickly but a little quicker since there are certain ways to kill certain bosses

  17. Avatar twyzter says:

    thank you god bless you good man.

  18. Avatar HelloItsNiCK says:

    i wish infinite scrap can be adjusted in increments like 1000,5000,10000

  19. Avatar Mr D says:

    if your playing multiplayer you shouldn’t need to use any cheats, beat the game first, especially this one…there’s a lot of little thing in this game, now just a little help with adding some bang behind my bullets could help, one hit kills is a bit too much, I just want to add little bit more ummph to my bullets thats it

  20. Avatar lungs says:

    Thanks a bunch for this, i’ve never used a trainer before and the last boss in this game was bugging and wouldn’t spawn the portal and i would be fucked so this was a god send. Appreciate your work kind sir!

  21. Avatar MightyMice says:

    How can you activate this trainer on a 60% keyboard that doesn’t have num keys?

    • FLiNG FLiNG says:

      There is a laptop button at the bottom right corner that switch num keys in case you don’t have numpad. Or use on screen keyboard.

  22. Avatar Stoney says:

    FiNG can we get a trainer for ONINAKI?

  23. Avatar Jimmy says:

    Please add an option to unlock ALL items, guns, rings, amulets, etc?

  24. Avatar FLeXuS_GReeN says:

    Muchas gracias, por tu gran trabajo como siempre…. abrazos!

  25. Avatar Artonius says:

    Could you add also all traits option Its just a pain in the ass to get the right seed for some areas to spawn and the Cold as Ice trait that you can only get playing co-op

  26. Avatar NeckToHead says:

    Hi, if I use the trainer during single player ( just wanna use infinite stamina, hp, etc. Just so I can breeze through finding the monkey key), and stop using the trainer, will the infinite hp/sta carry over if I play multiplayer with my friends? ( I don’t want it to carry over ).

  27. Avatar BoutTreeFitty says:

    Thanks for all your hard work fling, i bounced around from my trainer usage, and to say the least I have never not loved the options and how well your trainers always work. Thanks for all the time and the hard work, I appreciate it.

  28. Avatar drakewillson says:

    Could u guy please make the trainer for the Control which was released recently??..

  29. Avatar fong says:

    Could you add the exp value returns to normal

  30. Avatar ufo says:

    FLiNG, thank you very much for your trainers that have been a great help for us gamers.
    There is a CTD each and every time I use the option “Num + Weapon Mod Instant/Infinite Charge”, it doesn’t matter in which order I use the the option, it keeps crashing the game.
    Any advise what to do?
    Thank you very much!

  31. Avatar Amenth says:

    Again a very nice Trainer.
    But i found that the Sniper Rifle “Ruin” with it´s reviving weapon mod is not compatible to the “Num+ Weapon Mod Instant/Infinite Charge”. Aiming or shooting at enemies is enough to crash the game, even with no other option activated. Game version is 214.857

  32. Avatar Amenth says:

    I forgot, all other weapons seem to work flawless with “Weapon Mod Instant/Infinite Charge” option, atleast for me.

  33. Avatar Leandro says:

    Como faço para usar, baixei mas não sei como funciona?

    • Avatar Amenth says:

      extract the file with winrar or winzip, start the trainer and the game. “Num” means Numpad numbers.

  34. Avatar Jacob says:

    Hello FLiNG, is there any way to update this trainer to make it work for the update 214.857_po? Thank you 🙂

    • FLiNG FLiNG says:

      The trainer is working fine on v214.857. Please report the exact problem if any. Also, please don’t play online while using the trainer.

  35. Avatar Lake333GLD says:

    The Fling is the BEST!

  36. Avatar KnightHawk says:

    My game tends to crash suddenly since the update when trying to use Num + – Weapon Mod Instant/Infinite Charge. It’s done it over and over

  37. Avatar Hieu says:

    Hello fling, as of 9/12/19 the game was updated. Playing on steam, I can confirmed most if not all cheats still work, however. The patch switch up the armor Void bonus to the skill Power Transfer. Is there anyway to make the infinite buff duration work on that set?

  38. Avatar Lake333GLD says:

    Fling, you ARE the BEST! Thanks a lot!

  39. Avatar drakewillson says:

    Falcon age trailer please

  40. Avatar drakewillson says:


  41. Avatar Fetro22 says:

    Rapid Fire ?

  42. Avatar Alex_R says:

    cant hook on process, because my process calls remnant.exe
    can u add combo box with process variants … or add auto-search feature by process name that contains word “remnant”?

    • FLiNG FLiNG says:

      Remnant.exe is the launcher, not the main exe of the game. The actual game exe is .\Remnant\Binaries\Win64\Remnant-Win64-Shipping.exe

      • Avatar nguyen paul says:

        I PLAY WITH GAME COPY SHOULD TRAINER IT HAVE NO EFFECT The actual game exe is .\Remnant\Binaries\Win64\Remnant-Win64-Shipping-unprotected.exe . please check back ,thank you .

  43. Avatar Mistah Jay says:

    Whenever I use the trainer, the game’s sound mutes up, NPC dialogues are stuck at the last thing they said (preventing me from interacting with them again), and the game hangs up whenever I change maps. Any solutions to this? Both the trainer and the game are updated.

  44. Avatar nguyen paul says:

    trainer does nothing on the latest Remnant From the Ashes v216.106 please check back ,thank you .

  45. Avatar nguyen paul says:

    you please do a new version for World War Z [v 1.30 ] thank you.

  46. Avatar Nikolas says:

    update pls

  47. Avatar Nikolas says:


  48. Avatar Nikolas says:

    update pls
    Another update.:(

  49. Avatar Chronobrrj says:

    Hello, Fling! Can you update this incredible trainer to game version v.220617?
    Thank you!

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