State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition Trainer

19 Options Β· Game Version: Steam/Epic/Windows Store v1.0-v15.1+ Β· Last Updated: 2020.03.27State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition Trainer/Cheat


Num 1 – Infinite Health
Num 2 – Infinite Stamina
Num 3 – Infinite Items/Ammo
Num 4 – No Reload
Num 5 – Zero Weight
Num 6 – Infinite Weapon Durability
Num 7 – Super Accuracy
Num 8 – No Recoil
Num 9 – Infinite Fuel
Num 0 – Easy Level Up

Alt+Num 1 – No Fatigue
Alt+Num 2 – No Blood Plague
Alt+Num 3 – No Crafting Material Requirements
Alt+Num 4 – Instant Crafting & Building
Alt+Num 5 – Instant Radio Cooldown

Ctrl+Num 1 – Infinite Resources
Ctrl+Num 2 – Freeze Daytime
Ctrl+Num 3 – Daytime +1 Hour
Ctrl+Num 4 – Daytime -1 Hour
Ctrl+Num 5 – Set Game Speed

  1. “Zero Weight”: If you’are overburdened, after activating this option, drop or pick up something to remove the overburdened effect.
  2. “Easy Level Up”: When you gain XP for a skill/stat, it will instantly level up to max.
  3. “Daytime -1 Hour”: Note when decreasing time, the day count will always increase by 1.
  4. “No Crafting Material Requirements”: Activate before interacting with facilities.
  5. “Infinite Health”: Note this option works for all humans, including hostile humans. You should disable it when fighting humans.

2020.03.27: Update for v15.1 game version; Added “No Fatigue”, “No Blood Plague”, “No Crafting Material Requirements”, “Instant Crafting & Building”, “Instant Radio Cooldown” options.


File Date added File size Downloads
zip State.of.Decay.2.Juggernaut.Edition.v1.0-v15.1.Plus.19.Trainer-FLiNG 2020-03-27 19:10 760 KB 13082
rar State.of.Decay.2.Juggernaut.Edition.v1.0.Plus.14.Trainer-FLiNG 2020-03-23 23:02 647 KB 36230

112 Responses

  1. Avatar Resleryaen says:

    Would love to see a pause game time option. Or better still…a similar slider to set game speed. I’m guessing this might not be possible though. I’d love to be able to help everyone and search everywhere without the constant feeling of time constraints (I know, I know….this defeats a main mechanic of the game lol )

  2. Avatar Torlord says:

    Thanks for this. I’ve used 2 other trainers (or tried to) by reputable trainer creators and they both failed to work. This one works just fine, especially with the Fitgirl repack.

  3. Avatar khaos198 says:

    Microsoft security brings this up as virus found and cancels download.

    • FLiNG FLiNG says:

      I believe the detection is HackTool:Win32/GameHack. If you have a different detection, please submit the link/file to microsoft for review https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/wdsi/filesubmission

      • Avatar khaos198 says:

        Same thing as you said. It’s good to continue use correct?

        • FLiNG FLiNG says:

          GameHack is fine, sometime antiviruses consider trainers are gamehack but sometime they don’t, not sure how they decide that. But the funny thing is, the detection is on the rar file, not the actual trainer inside it. I updated the rar file, don’t know if that solve the problem.

  4. Avatar AirWill says:

    Fling, could you bring multiply for Influence Points? (I guess money in this game?)

  5. Avatar Soulreaper says:

    Need the Option “No Fatigue”

    • Avatar PierG2 says:

      quote, i only need a no fatigue option, since is the only thing that bothers me in the game on so many levels

  6. Avatar tribal386 says:

    is this works for multiplier fling.? curios

  7. Avatar NINA says:

    Instant Upgrades
    Instant Radio Commands
    Easy Craft
    No Fatigue
    can add it plz

  8. Avatar EVERETT says:


  9. Avatar Arrapao says:

    Instant Upgrades
    Instant Radio Commands
    Easy Craft
    No Fatigue
    can add it plz

  10. Avatar asdsadaf says:

    the app dosnt load when clicking it pops up then goes again

  11. Avatar PES says:

    please update trainer a State of Decay 2 Juggernaut Edition Update 15 1

  12. Avatar POp says:

    thank you very much for your effort !!! wish best thing to ypu

  13. Avatar Melon says:

    I keep dying with infinite health on, my hp bar does not move when being attacked but after a few hits i die, and also would it be possible to get infinite car health? thanks for the trainer πŸ™‚

  14. Avatar tribal386 says:

    fling good day., theres an update earlier., kindly update this one please., many thanks God Bless and More Power fling numba 1

  15. Avatar Elven says:

    Ta top. Gostei muito.
    Me ajudou bastante no modo very hard.

  16. Avatar tribal386 says:

    nnnnnnnnnnnnniiiiiiiiiicccccccceeeeeeeeeeeeeee fling i love you., thank you for d fast update.., God Bless and More Power., Fling numba 1

  17. Avatar toydefenser says:

    yeah very good πŸ™‚ , if have Teleport…

  18. Avatar Chronobrrj says:

    Thanks for the update, Fling! Could you please update the trainer of The Outer Worlds to version ? If the current trainer still works well with this new update, itΒ΄s ok though. *SeemsGood*

  19. Avatar Nuke says:

    trojan:script/casur.a!cl detected

  20. Avatar jinglebell says:

    Hi thanks for the trainer but there is a #problem with it, items and ammo are the same key which make it very bad because I want to have unlimited ammo but I don’t want unlimited items πŸ™ please make them separate

  21. Avatar Harold says:

    thanks, but can you add like a stats modifier for a weapon or just One Hit Kill?

  22. Avatar ScheanX says:

    Nicely Done! Been using your trainer for many games and it works perfectly! Love your work!

  23. Avatar Melon says:

    Still having my character die from plague and injuries, got hit by a few zeds and i died, then on another was destroying a plague heart and dropped dead from the plague .

  24. Avatar Sand Banana says:

    Any Chance we can get unlimited influence. Thank You

  25. Avatar samcom says:

    speed run, please
    speed run, please
    speed run, please
    speed run, please
    speed run, please
    speed run, please
    speed run, please
    speed run, please
    speed run, please
    speed run, please
    speed run, please
    speed run, please
    speed run, please
    speed run, please
    speed run, please
    speed run, please
    speed run, please
    speed run, please
    speed run, please
    speed run, please
    speed run, please
    speed run, please

  26. Avatar King Don says:

    its keeps crashing as soon as it starts

  27. Avatar Jason says:

    The trainer…excellent, never complain about it, please if can add teleport (marker,etc) that would be great!!!

  28. Avatar Soulreaper says:

    Great. Awesome work. Thx you. I wish one option too. Infinite health for vehicles. Thx alot!

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