State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition Trainer

19 Options · Game Version: Steam/Epic/Windows Store v1.0-v18+ · Last Updated: 2020.06.25State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition Trainer/Cheat


Num 1 – Infinite Health
Num 2 – Infinite Stamina
Num 3 – Infinite Items/Ammo
Num 4 – No Reload
Num 5 – Zero Weight
Num 6 – Infinite Weapon Durability
Num 7 – Super Accuracy
Num 8 – No Recoil
Num 9 – Infinite Fuel
Num 0 – Easy Level Up

Alt+Num 1 – No Fatigue
Alt+Num 2 – No Blood Plague
Alt+Num 3 – No Crafting Material Requirements
Alt+Num 4 – Instant Crafting & Building
Alt+Num 5 – Instant Radio Cooldown

Ctrl+Num 1 – Infinite Resources
Ctrl+Num 2 – Freeze Daytime
Ctrl+Num 3 – Daytime +1 Hour
Ctrl+Num 4 – Daytime -1 Hour
Ctrl+Num 5 – Set Game Speed

  1. “Zero Weight”: If you’are overburdened, after activating this option, drop or pick up something to remove the overburdened effect.
  2. “Easy Level Up”: When you gain XP for a skill/stat, it will instantly level up to max.
  3. “Daytime -1 Hour”: Note when decreasing time, the day count will always increase by 1.
  4. “No Crafting Material Requirements”: Activate before interacting with facilities.
  5. “Infinite Health”: Note this option works for all humans, including hostile humans. You should disable it when fighting humans.

2020.06.25: Update for v18 game version.
2020.05.19: Update for v17 game version.
2020.03.27: Update for v15.1 game version; Added “No Fatigue”, “No Blood Plague”, “No Crafting Material Requirements”, “Instant Crafting & Building”, “Instant Radio Cooldown” options.

173 Responses

  1. Avatar Viper says:

    Will there infinite radio no cool down

  2. Avatar MalakaiVSGaming says:

    I love flings trainers they are the best!

  3. Avatar Fievre says:

    wow that was fast, thanks !

  4. Avatar Matte27 says:

    One hit Kill?

    • Avatar Конунг says:


    • Avatar dick says:

      crossbow to the head instadeath and you prolly all know this already when swarmed by anything but a juggernaught all you have to do is just jump on top of your car truck van, and even a feral is to stupid to jump up on it and u just head shot till there all dead

  5. Avatar atram says:

    My man, can you pls make a trainer for My Hero One Justice 2?

  6. Avatar Viper says:

    Be awesome if u could added a upgrade and build any building without knowledge when u can fling thanks

  7. Avatar toydefenser says:

    plz up Easy Crafting and Instant Creation/Upgrades thank

  8. Avatar justsomesod2player says:


  9. Avatar Irritating Beggar says:

    My Hero One’s Justice 2 and Granblue Fantasy Versus please!

  10. Avatar ZUGGY says:

    My Hero One’s Justice 2 please!

  11. Avatar yesa says:

    Granblue Fantasy: Versus plz~

  12. Avatar Brah says:

    FLING! My greatest hero! Thank you so much for this trainer. Cant say thank you enough

  13. Avatar Elven Teixeira says:

    Muito obrigado. Me ajudou muito

  14. Avatar Ruslan says:

    Where Hearts of Iron 4?

  15. Avatar RJ says:

    It only downloads as notes, not an application? Any help please

  16. Avatar Joe says:

    Any hopes for daybreak mode fast rank up?

  17. Avatar Elven Teixeira says:

    instant creation

  18. Avatar ciccio says:

    please easy creation

  19. Avatar succhienberg says:

    please Easy Crafting and Instant Creation

  20. Avatar Việt Anh says:

    very thanks! my man

  21. Avatar Somebaudy says:

    The infinite health also works for the enemy ai humans. Is it possible to make it only for allies?

    • Avatar dick says:

      to get past this simply get a sniper rifle and climb up on an adjacent building hit 1 to disable it then shoot them in the head, then hit 1 again to turn it back on, repeatedly for 3 to 4 humans

  22. Avatar Warehouse Loader says:

    Cheating is for the weak!

  23. Avatar Risk of Rain 2 says:

    risk for rain 2 or Deep Rock Galactic pls pls

  24. Avatar Arch says:

    Love u always fling <3

  25. Avatar Brah says:

    Hey fling, is it possible to update the trainer with more options? Like influence modifier, especialy unlimited fatigue as a must need

  26. Avatar Harold says:

    Thank you so much for this had a hard time looking for one since the others are for another version of the game.

  27. Avatar BigBalldedBoss says:

    This works very well and I am happy I found it I looked for it on other things like wemod but they didn’t have it soooo…. this place must be better. I will check out more of the trainers from fling. Good job <3.

  28. Avatar Spiderris says:

    Why does my pc keep on removing my trainer? I need help. I have disable my windows defender but it still does not work. Im on windows 10

  29. Avatar Adrean Erving says:

    could you do a Hero acadamia 2? thanks!!!

  30. Avatar Matte27 says:

    Fling please one hit kill
    Thank You

  31. Avatar Behnam says:

    hi fling can you add moral cheat and/or turn the infinite resources into individual cheats for each resource with the desired amount. like you did for frostpunk? thanks again. i know you are busy and most likely just pass my comment but i gave it a shot anyway.

    • Avatar abmnyuiwari says:

      bro u already use this mod on steam?
      its fine to use?

      • Avatar Behnam says:

        i’m using it with the new juggernut edition just fine…. it was updated recently for that and it even makes the prestige point from daybreak 9999 with infinite resources. if you want all the daybreak items you can just activete infinite health, no reload, infinite items and game speed x10 and let the game run and just kill the blood zombies to avoid failing the mission and get all the items in 1 hour and watch a movie while your at it. i did that and got great results….

  32. Avatar abmnyuiwari says:

    its it ok using this trainer on steam ? coz i worried if im using this my account got ban xD

    • Avatar Tekkatoka says:

      use it only in single player and keep that save for SP exclusively. if you want to play MP then create new characters.

  33. Avatar Gascon says:

    Hey Fling! I have always loved your trainers! They’re hands down the best!
    Could I make a request though? If you could separate infinite ammo & infinite items that would be awesome!! Because the trainer sets every item n inventory to 99 and it makes it impossible to use the inventory anymore!
    Thanks a lot!

  34. Avatar this guy says:

    Is there any way to customise keybinds? I like using the time toggle to slow things down, but doing ctrl+num5 is really cumbersome

    • Avatar this guy says:

      sorry to push the issue, but it seems this game even blocks the ability to use a macro.

      i could understand that for a multiplayer game, but this is primarily single player

      • Avatar Resleryaen says:

        Try using AutoHotkey. Once the script is made, right click it, and choose compile script. Then set the newly created .exe to have admin privileges.

        • Avatar this guy says:

          doesn’t work. the ahk script doesn’t fire when sod2 is the main window; with anything else in the foreground it works fine.

          my keyboard also has bspecific hotkey functions, that uses win10’s built-in functions; the same happens there. the ctrl+numpad5 hotkey works with any foreground window except sod2. i’m pretty sure it’s a deliberate policy from the game creators

  35. Avatar Amounts-pliz says:

    Seriously – instead of UNLIMITED everything, do amounts instead, and let us adjust those amounts! This goes for all trainers.

  36. Avatar That-Shot says:

    I cant use Max level option.

    Process ID: 00002774
    Search Range: 00007FF719EB0000 – 00007FF1F4F7000
    Bytes Searched: 86.28 MB

    Signature: F3 0F 58 7B 0C F3 0F 11 7B 0C 0F 2F ** 0F 82 ** ** 0000

    Trainer: Juggernaut Edition v1.0 Plus

  37. Avatar Apan-kun says:

    Would be nice if infinite items and ammo were separated.

  38. Avatar Eric Montgomery says:

    I agree big time with having ammo and items separated,hate it when I have 999 over everything.So please make them into 2 different keys.
    thanks,I love your mods they are the best.

  39. Avatar janoist says:

    Thanks! But the healt cheat no good at all. You can still die by infection, not to mention that it effect all the survivors, so you can’t kill a hostile survivor. Stamina cheat buggy as well.

    • Avatar Apan-kun says:

      yeah infinite health doesn’t heal any injury. keeps them alive but the injury builds up. Like one of my survivor got 50% injuries from me jumping off buildings instead of taking the ladders.

      • Avatar Behnam says:

        get 1 first aid kit and activate the infinite item and see your inventory and then disable it and use those 999 first aid kits to heal all the injuries. or store them in your stash for later use….

    • Avatar hard mode says:

      well the same happens in DS3 with people who cheats in pvp, most PKs just lure them into a risk and spam Force miracle. Also it does what it says,infinite health ,it doesnt say god mode or immortality hehe

  40. Avatar Erol says:

    stupid question but am I suppose to extract this file? I clueless with these things

  41. Avatar Eleazar says:

    Will there be an item spawner?

  42. Avatar Shinoa says:

    Excellent trainer ! can it be possible to set influence for example ?

  43. Avatar IbidI says:

    Infinite Health – makes enemies of people immortal. Correct please.
    Also need the immortality of the car. The number of items and resources is customizable. Thanks a lot.

  44. Avatar ddap says:

    Update plz

  45. Avatar hentai_master 69 says:

    is it possible to add no fatigue??

  46. Avatar dick says:

    for now till updated the mr antifun wemod trainer for ms store version does work on steam version most options. just make a executable with the shipping exe, launch the game with it then u will get a popup, were having trouble locating yer game , just hit play again and the cheat options become active

  47. Avatar Micho tito says:

    thnx bruh it just works perfectly,l was getting so frusrated with the shitty mechanics and bugs now l can search for that damn plague heart that doesnt appear anywhere without having to reload the auto save every time l hve to use the car searching everywhere in the map. which l dont time nor want to spend my time doing and getting bored of the game

  48. Avatar Resleryaen says:

    I’m assuming ‘Freeze Daytime’ also freezes the passing of in game days? If so, that’s a bit of a shame. The nights in this game (with maxed out settings) are too dark for my tastes, mainly it causes too much eye-strain leading to headaches. Thus freezing the time of day is a GREAT HELP! I’m assuming I could just use the -1 hour to pass a day and it won’t mess anything up??

  49. Avatar ElMati says:

    hello if there is another possible update I would like the resource and influences to be like this
    add multiplier remember materials
    fuel etc etc etc and I would also like stealth mode and create without reckoning

  50. Avatar Juan says:

    PLease help, when i downloaded my anti virus says its a virus? much appreciated thank you!

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