Control Trainer

12 Options · Game Version: v0.0.269.*+ DX11/DX12 · Last Updated: 2019.08.28Control Trainer


Num 1 – Infinite Health
Num 2 – Infinite Energy
Num 3 – Infinite Ammo/No Reload
Num 4 – Infinite Money
Num 5 – Infinite Skill Points
Num 6 – Infinite Materials
Num 7 – Super Speed
Num 8 – Slow Motion
Num 9 – One Hit Destroy Shield
Num 0 – One Hit Kill
Num . – No Crafting/Upgrading Requirements

F1/F2/F3/F4 – 2/4/8/16x Money

Home – Disable All

  1. “Infinite Health” takes effect when you take damage.
  2. “Infinite Materials” only works for materials that you already obtained.
  3. “No Crafting/Upgrading Requirements” should be activated before opening crafting menu. Or click refresh mods if you are already in crafting menu. If you want to disable this option and restore the effects, you need to restart the game.


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rar Control.v0.0.269.Plus.12.Trainer-FLiNG 2019-08-28 20:22 695 KB 34543

41 Responses

  1. Avatar Symphony87 says:

    thank you so much FLiNG, you are best for us.

  2. Avatar FFFF says:


  3. Avatar Miyu says:

    crystar plz

    • Avatar nat says:

      yes please…

      • Avatar WhyUNoMakeTrainnerForJRPGs says:

        Don’t get your hopes up, they seem to avoid anything made by furyu – Lost Dimension, Caligula Effect, Crystar….Sorry, try setting the difficulty to max, it helps increase xp and/or droprate

  4. Avatar Lisa says:

    Yeah, thx FLiNG! The one i trust!

  5. Avatar academe says:

    Thanks you Goods

  6. Avatar JehovahsWitness says:

    Now this is the hentai game I’ve been waiting for. Too bad performance is still ass even on this overkill system.

    • Avatar JehovahsWitness says:

      Thank you for the trainer, FLiNG!

    • Avatar yeet says:

      you mjust be joking tho. Im running everything on max with direct12 and highest ray tracing on a 2070 super, and I get no spikes or anything

  7. Avatar zeness says:

    thanks a lot for this trainer, very fast, very good

  8. Avatar drakewillson says:

    Thank u so damn much Fling…Ur the best

  9. Avatar PrinceHeir says:

    Good work on this one!!

  10. Avatar Lake333GLD says:

    Great work! Thank you, Fling!

  11. Avatar Rennie Clegg says:

    Great stuff searched all day for the best just researched and well hats off maestro

  12. Avatar Dirk van Poorten says:

    There can only be ONE!

  13. Avatar ProxiMythe says:

    thank you so much

  14. Avatar Ragnaros says:

    thx but not working for me ;(
    even another fling trainer doesn’t work(it does work before) anymore since window10 update…
    it open alone but instant close when run games, every trainer.
    only me got this problem?

    • Avatar Lisa says:

      maybe windows defender causes this problem?

    • Avatar JJ says:

      Make a trainer folder & add the entire folder to the exclusions list of your windows defender/anti-virus program. Place only trusted trainers in that folder & run them from there.

  15. Avatar Cannot_Kill_A_Ghost says:

    thanks fling.. 😘

  16. Avatar Sukk Madik says:

    Dude you’re awesome!

  17. Avatar samrat says:

    thanks a lot, bro can you make wreckfest 1.25 trainer please free ai and unlimited money

  18. Avatar Rennie Clegg says:

    Any chance a no mission timer could be added many thanks

  19. Avatar Trieu says:

    Hi why i have error 64bit idk how to fix 🙁 can anybody help me

  20. Avatar Keahi says:

    Thank you a lot

  21. Avatar kirol_007 says:

    In case of damage, the screen will remain red and remain so.
    Very disturbing.
    Can this be improved?

  22. Avatar Nicola Agostino says:

    Sorry, I’m a dumbass, trying the slow-mo I accidentally presser the num 5 key generating obviously 999 skill point that I don’t want, how do I reset the to zero, I mean I cant replace the persistent.chunk as I will lose seven hours progress so is there a way to modify the single number? have you got any other ideas?
    Thanks in advance, nice trainer by the way…as always

    • FLiNG FLiNG says:

      This option is not reversible, you’ll need to manually change it back using cheat engine. It’s 4 bytes value type. Search then use some skill points and search for the new value until it filter down to one result, then change it to whatever you want.

  23. Avatar haaaaa says:


  24. Avatar gaston says:

    Apparently the PS4 exclusive DLC can be activated on PC by editing the games exe file, anyone know how that would work?

  25. Avatar David says:

    very good thanks

  26. Avatar dolan says:

    hey will you get banned for playing the epic games version and using this trainer?

  27. Avatar Nelson Chris says:

    Final Fantasy 8 remastered trainer please

  28. Avatar Bill JOera says:

    while lauching the trainer ,,,,i can see that my game process is not the same as of the trainer recommended,,,,,TRainer (Control_DX11) VS my game process(control_dx11) can someone help me fix that please?

  29. Avatar Dennis says:

    hey will you get banned for playing the epic games version and using this trainer?

  30. Avatar regis ribeiro says:

    always the best thx

  31. Avatar Koreck says:

    братан я незнал, что у тебя есть свой сайт ,но сразу скажу, трейнера у тебя ахрененные.

  32. Avatar Yann says:

    Works perfectly, thanks

  33. Avatar Pirocóptero says:

    Infelizmente tive que usar esse cheat pq na missão de coletar amostras de mofo bugou , não aparecia F pra coletar . Que raiva !

  34. Avatar Pirocóptero giratório says:

    Consegui galera o cheat funciona sim, tem que abrir o jogo primeiro e depois o trainer .

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