Craftopia Trainer

20 Options · Game Version: Early Access · Last Updated: 2021.05.03

Craftopia Trainer/CheatOptions

Num 1 – God Mode
Num 2 – Infinite Life
Num 3 – Infinite Mana
Num 4 – Infinite Stamina
Num 5 – No Hunger
Num 6 – Super Jump
Num 7 – Set Game Speed
Num 8 – Infinite Item Durability
Num 9 – Infinite Items
Num 0 – Max Drop Rate
Num . – 100% Critical Rate
Num + – Super Damage/One Hit Kill
Num – – Damage Multiplier

Ctrl+Num 1 – No Crafting Requirement
Ctrl+Num 2 – Ignore Age Evolution Requirement
Ctrl+Num 3 – Freeze Daytime
Ctrl+Num 4 – Edit Money
Ctrl+Num 5 – Edit Skill Points
Ctrl+Num 6 – Infinite Exp
Ctrl+Num 7 – Exp Multiplier

  1. “Infinite Items” takes effect when opening inventory or when item quantity updates.
  2. “Ignore Age Evolution Requirement”: When activated, you can perform age evolution even if you don’t have enough materials, but if you do have materials, they will be consumed.
  3. “Edit Money”: Note the money display value is not updated in real time, you may need to spend or gain some money to see the value change.
  4. “Freeze Daytime”: When activated, time will still pass, but the day night cycle will be paused.

2021.05.04: Update for v20210429 game version.
2021.02.12: Update for v20210212 game version.
2020.11.27: Update for v20201126 game version.


File Date added File size Downloads
zip Craftopia.Early.Access.Plus.20.Trainer.Updated.2021.05.03-FLiNG 2021-05-03 23:13 901 KB 1293
zip Craftopia.Early.Access.Plus.20.Trainer.Updated.2021.02.12-FLiNG 2021-02-12 21:40 901 KB 3168
zip Craftopia.Early.Access.Plus.20.Trainer.Updated.2020.11.27-FLiNG 2020-11-27 22:39 900 KB 3930
zip Craftopia.Early.Access.Plus.20.Trainer-FLiNG 2020-09-10 13:59 899 KB 7753
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Wai Siang
Wai Siang
2021-03-08 19:51

Fling, your latest trainer also not working with February upgrade like the WeMod’s trainer. The gold editing still working. But more importantly, the skill point isnt.
For example, the skill points added always reset after we leave and load back.
I have experimented with CE and face the same problem.
I think the game now track your memory about suspicious editing and reset it to origin skill point earn with respect to our hero level, such as 1 level = 1 skill point
I think your trainer need to upgrade with other method to enable skill point editing.

2021-03-16 12:14

Hum, hello I think there is a malware or something in the ”  Craftopia.Early.Access.Plus.20.Trainer.Updated.2021.02.12-FLiNG ” because my windows defender is telling me so, I don’t know how this work but maybe you could figure it out? thank you

2021-04-05 07:23

Trainer got patched from the game =/. Pls update =D

2021-04-26 07:52

Game has update to April 23… Please update trainer as soon as possible…