Crying Suns Trainer

9 Options · Game Version: v1.0+/64 Bit Version · Last Updated: 2019.09.22Crying Suns Trainer/Cheats


Num 1 – Infinite Hull HP/Ignore Damage
Num 2 – No Room Overheat
Num 3 – Weapons No Cooldown
Num 4 – Edit Fuel
Num 5 – Edit Scrap
Num 6 – Edit Commandos
Num 7 – Set Game Speed
Num 8 – Enable Debug Mode (Hold F1 To See Options)
Num 0 – One Hit Kill

  1. “No Room Overheat”: While activated, your battleship won’t gain any heat when it takes damage, but if it’s already on fire before activating this option, you’ll still need to extinguish the fire.
  2. “Edit Fuel/Scrap/Commandos”: After activated, wait for the screen to update to see the values change.
  3. “Enable Debug Mode”: While activated, hold F1 in-game to display a list of in-game cheat options and hotkeys.
  4. “One Hit Kill” works on enemy’s main battleship, not the smaller units.


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  1. Avatar Django says:

    Thank you very much Fling.

  2. Avatar Akira2020 says:

    what game is this? it looks boring..

  3. Avatar samrat says:

    where the hell is devils hunt trainer bro, still no huh

  4. Avatar jinjo says:

    worked well thanks

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