Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas The Definitive Edition Trainer

49 Options · Game Version: v1.0 · Last Updated: 2021.11.15

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas The Definitive Edition Trainer/CheatOptions

Num 1 – Infinite Health
Num 2 – Infinite Armor
Num 3 – Infinite Stamina
Num . – Infinite Oxygen
Num 4 – Infinite Ammo & Grenades
Num 5 – No Reload
Num 6 – Freeze Daytime
Num 7 – Fast Forward Daytime
Num 8 – Edit Money
Num 9 – Edit Wanted Level
Num 0 – Set Game Speed

F1 – Freeze Mission Timer
F2 – Infinite Vehicle Health
F3 – Teleport To Waypoint

Game Built In Cheat Options

Ctrl+Num 1 – Adrenaline Mode
Ctrl+Num 2 – Super Jump
Ctrl+Num 3 – Spawn Parachute
Ctrl+Num 4 – Spawn Jetpack
Ctrl+Num 5 – Max Respect
Ctrl+Num 6 – Max Stamina Stat
Ctrl+Num 7 – Max Muscle
Ctrl+Num 8 – Max Fat
Ctrl+Num 9 – Reset Muscle & Fat Stats
Ctrl+Num 0 – Max Sex Appeal
Ctrl+Num . – Max Weapon Skill Level
Ctrl+Num + – Max Vehicle Skill Level
Ctrl+Num – – Max Gambling Skill Level

Alt+Num 1 – Receive Weapon Set #1
Alt+Num 2 – Receive Weapon Set #2
Alt+Num 3 – Receive Weapon Set #3
Alt+Num 4 – Armed Pedestrians
Alt+Num 5 – Angry Pedestrians
Alt+Num 6 – Rioting Pedestrians
Alt+Num 7 – Don’t Spawn New Pedestrians
Alt+Num 8 – Invincible Vehicles
Alt+Num 9 – All Cars Have Nitro
Alt+Num 0 – Improved Vehicle Handling
Alt+Num . – Flying Cars
Alt+Num + – Cars Can Drive On Water
Alt+Num – – Aggressive Traffic

Ctrl+F1 – Spawn Tank
Ctrl+F2 – Spawn Stunt Plane
Ctrl+F3 – Spawn Jet Aircraft
Ctrl+F4 – Spawn Helicopter
Ctrl+F5 – Spawn Hovercraft
Ctrl+F6 – Spawn Random Cars
Ctrl+F7 – All Traffic Lights Turn Green
Ctrl+F8 – Big Head Mode
Ctrl+F9 – Change Weather

  1. “Infinite Ammo & Grenades”: When activated, the amount of ammo & grenades won’t decrease.
  2. “Fast Forward Daytime”: When activated, daytime will fast forward 1 hour per second, until you disable it.
  3. “Edit Wanted Level”: Takes effect when wanted level updates (wait a few seconds or do something that can change your wanted level).
  4. Game Built In Cheat Options: The effects are the same as if you manually type in the built-in cheat codes. Some cheats can be deactivated by activating them again, some require restarting the game to deactivate.
  5. “Infinite Vehicle Health”: Note it doesn’t prevent cosmetic damage or explosion damage.
  6. “Invincible Vehicles”: It can prevent cosmetic damage, and when your vehicle hits other vehicles, they will explode immediately.


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2021-11-19 07:39

We cant use the trainer because you use SanAndreas.exe to make the trainer but we use gta_sa.exe to play the game so your trainer cant detect the game, i tried rename the game but your trainer said it only works on 64bit version of the game, anything i can do to use your trainer please let me know, i really appreciate your work

Reply to  Labrada
2021-11-21 23:52

This is meant for the Definitive edition. Not the original.

2021-11-19 10:38

maybe -> can you do the trainer to: ghost recon break point (and motherland) – experience, money, maybe immortality, undetectability? – for offline or online play – simple trainer please! okay?

2021-11-21 08:59

forza 5 pls

2021-11-22 11:24

in vehicle is bugged? infinite ammo, and infinite health do not work while youre driving any vehicle.

Reply to  Jay
2021-11-22 15:42

True, I faced same problem!!

2021-11-22 22:22

Does this work for the cracked version?

Reply to  GottiMuch
2021-11-25 00:32

Yes, I have the FItgirl Repack Version and Works Fine, but the infinite ammo doesnt work when you in a car or motorbike and etc..

2021-11-22 23:56

I have to subscribe to premium to use these mods

Reply to  ToastedNoodle
2021-11-25 00:33


2021-11-23 03:03

can you make one for original games too? in-game cheat options disable achievements.

2021-11-26 08:56

for some reason with the version 1.4388 the trainer sometimes show an error message , it claim that the hack couldn’t be triggered , jet the cheat code is active but at the same time the game eject you to desktop :O

Reply to  oittizt
2021-11-26 08:58

it is also true that i am running the game with a folder called “~mods” inside the paks folder , so maybe that is the point , jet yesterday this problem never occurred :O

Reply to  oittizt
2021-11-26 09:04

ok problem solved , i rebooted the pc , probably it occurred because i also tried another trainer and so some conflicts occurred , ok , all solved 😀

2021-11-27 02:01

I can’t use it. It’s say, my gtasanandreas run in 32 bit, the trainer in 64 bit. Any solution? Or can u make trainer gta sa 32 bit version? Thx Fling

2021-11-27 10:33

hi fling , can you add to this trainer the cheat to have god mode for the vehicle ? the official in-game cheat is really useless , it will be better if you put your hands on the data in order to make a hack that give a god mode car as long as you are inside of it , so it will work even in those missions were you are

2021-11-27 14:37

hey can someone help me?

Error Message
Address not found, please try to restart the game & trainer.
If this error still occur, please contact me at FLiNGTrainer.com or at 3DMGAME.
Be sure to include the following data (Press Ctrl+C to copy).

Process ID: 00000BC8
Search Range: 00007FF68EE60000 – 00007FF69493F400
Bytes Searched: 90.87 MB

Signature: F3 0F 10 8E ** ** 00 00 F3 0F 2C ** 66 83 ** 0A 7D

Trainer Version: Grand Theft Auto San Andreas The Definitive Edition v1.0 Plus 49 Trainer

this error appears and i cant activate any of the cheats.

2021-11-28 14:52

I know there usually isn’t viruses on these trainers, but for some reason my windows keeps uninstalling & deleting every time I download. Any way to make sure the file is clean?

Reply to  Drowsy
2021-11-29 00:34

the file is clean, just turn off your windows defender or mark the location of it as an exception for your scanner so windows doesn’t look there for it and delete it again.

Reply to  FLiNG
2021-11-29 12:35

hi fling , thanks for your trainers , when you have time to update this trainer can you add a proper hack for the vehicle god mode ? something that make the car immune to everything as long as you are inside of it , because the official in-game code is pretty useless as you can notice , the hack for the infinite health you created solve the 50% of the problems , the remaining 50% are the cosmetic damages and the missing auto-flip so we can drive as we please since there isn’t any need to watch out from the oll

2021-12-02 23:03

Can please make a trainer for GTA SA Windows version? Thank!