Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Trainer

67 Options · Game Version: v20200109-v20200603+ Iceborne DLC · Last Updated: 2020.06.10

Note: Offline mode only.

Monster Hunter: World Iceborne Trainer/CheatOptions

Num 1 – Infinite Health
Num – – Invincible/Immune To All Damages
Num 2 – Infinite Stamina
Num 3 – Max Sharpness
Num 4 – Infinite Item Pouch Items
Num 5 – Infinite Slinger Ammo
Num 6 – Mantles No Cooldown
Num 7 – Set Game Speed
Num 8 – One Hit Destroy Body Parts
Num 9 – One Hit Wound (Easy Capture)
Num 0 – One Hit Kill
Num . – 100% Critical Hit
Num + – Super Weapon Elemental Effects

Ctrl+Num 1 – Edit Zenny
Ctrl+Num 2 – Edit Research Points
Ctrl+Num 3 – Infinite Lucky Vouchers
Ctrl+Num 4 – Edit Item Quantity (Item Box)
Ctrl+Num 5 – No Equipment Upgrade Requirement
Ctrl+Num 6 – No Equipment Forge Requirement
Ctrl+Num 7 – No Equipment Augmentation Requirement
Ctrl+Num 8 – Max Palico Level
Ctrl+Num 9 – Max Palico Gadget Proficiency
Ctrl+Num 0 – Max Tailraiders Level
Ctrl+Num . – Palico Gadgets No Cooldown
Ctrl+Num + – Discover All Monsters On Map
Ctrl+Num – – Stealth Mode
Ctrl+Home – Infinite Buff Duration
Ctrl+PageUp – Show Monster Health (Lock On)
Ctrl+Insert – Edit Player’s Name
Ctrl+Delete – Edit Palico’s Name
Alt+Insert – Infinite Character Edit Vouchers
Alt+Delete – Infinite Palico Edit Vouchers

Ctrl+F1 – Research Point Multiplier
Ctrl+F2 – Hunter Exp Multiplier
Ctrl+F3 – Damage Multiplier
Ctrl+F4 – Get All Rewards (Normal+Rare)
Ctrl+F5 – 10x Bonus/Expedition Rewards
Ctrl+F6 – Max Monster Research Level
Ctrl+F7 – Infinite Mantles Duration
Ctrl+F8 – Infinite Resource Gathering
Ctrl+F9 – Ignore Augmentation Slot (Master Rank)
Ctrl+F10 – Master Exp Multiplier
Ctrl+F11 – Defense Multiplier

Alt+F5 – Max Guiding Lands Region Level
Alt+F6 – Max Decoration Slots And Level
Alt+F7 – Change Hunter Rank
Alt+F8 – Change Master Rank
Alt+F9 – Infinite Investigations
Alt+F10 – Edit Guiding Lands Lures
Alt+F11 – Max Decoration Skill Level
Alt+F12 – Easy Unlock Armor Set Skill

Alt+Num 1 – Long Sword: Max Spirit Gauge
Alt+Num 2 – Great Sword: Instant Charge
Alt+Num 3 – Hammer: Quick Charge
Alt+Num 4 – Charge Blade: Max Charge
Alt+Num 5 – Switch Axe: Amped State
Alt+Home – Switch Axe: Max Charge
Alt+Num 6 – Gunlance: No Reload
Alt+Num 7 – Gunlance: No Overheat
Alt+Num 8 – Bow: Instant Charge
Alt+Num 9 – Dual Blades: Max Demon Gauge
Alt+Num 0 – Insect Glaive: Infinite Extract Duration
Alt+Num . – All Bowguns: No Reload
Alt+Num + – All Bowguns: No Deviation
Alt+Num – – Heavy Bowgun: Rapid Fire
Alt+PageUp – All Bowguns: Ignore Range (Best Damage)
Alt+End – All Weapons: Max Frostcraft

  1. “Infinite Health” locks your health at max, but if you receive damage more than your max health in one hit, you will still be dead. You can also use “Invincible/Immune To All Damages” for better effects (you won’t be hit).
  2. “Infinite Item Pouch Items” works for consumables and ammo (for ammo, you need to open item pouch to take effect).
  3. “Equipment Upgrade Requirement” does not work for armors, you can use “Edit Item Quantity (Item Box)” to get upgrade materials for armors.
  4. “Max Palico Level”, “Max Palico Gadget Proficiency”, “Max Tailraiders Level” take effects when you complete a mission.
  5. “Max Monster Research Level” takes effect when research progress increases (e.g. track footprints, kill, capture, break parts, etc).
  6. “Heavy Bowgun: Rapid Fire” only works for the special ammo (Wyvernheart).
  7. “Show Monster Health (Lock On)” only work in DirectX 11 windowed/borderless windowed fullscreen mode. It will not work in exclusive fullscreen mode or DirectX 12.
  8. “Change Hunter Rank” and “Hunter Exp Multiplier”: You hunter rank is locked until you beat the main story. These options only work after you finished the main story. Note there are level caps at lv29 and lv49, you’ll need to complete specific missions in order to break the level cap.
  9. “Change Master Rank” and “Master Exp Multiplier”: Your master rank is locked until you beat the iceborne story, this option only work after you finished the iceborne story. Note there are level caps at lv49, lv69 and lv99, you’ll need to complete specific missions in order to break the level cap.
  10. “Max Guiding Lands Region Level” takes effect when you slay a monster in guiding lands.
  11. “Max Decoration Slots And Level” temporary unlocks all equipment decoration slots, when this option disabled, slots will restore to normal, but the decorations you already put in the slots will still have effects.
  12. “Defense Multiplier” reduces the damage you receive, it does not affect you actual defense stat.
  13. “Change Hunter Rank” only accept values between 16 and 999 (lv1-15 is set by story progress); “Change Master Rank” only accept values between 24 and 999 (lv1-23 is set by story progress).
  14. “Infinite Investigations” takes effect when you start an investigation mission.
  15. “Easy Unlock Armor Set Skill”: You only need one piece of armor to unlock its armor set skill.
  16. “Max Decoration Skill Level” takes effect when you select decorations in set decorations menu. Note this option is not permanent, skill levels will reset after restarting the game. To make it work a gain, go to set decorations menu again and select the decorations (you don’t need to change them).
  17. “Edit Player’s Name” and “Edit Palico’s Name”: After activating these options, save your game and reload the save file to see the names change. Note: the maximum length for character/palico’s name is 24 bytes in utf8 encoding (24 English letters/8-12 Unicode characters).
  18. “Infinite Character Edit Vouchers” and “Infinite Palico Edit Vouchers”: Your actual vouchers will still be used (if you have any), but you can edit character/palico even if you don’t have any vouchers. These options are not permanent, when they are disabled, the number of vouchers will restore to normal.
  19. “Infinite Buff Duration” works for all buffs including negative buffs, it will also prevent some buffs from apearing. You may want to disable this option when neccessary.
  20. “Edit Item Quantity (Item Box)”: This option also locks your appraisal items, you need to disable this option when doing appraisal, otherwise it will never end because you have infinite items to appraise.
  21. “No Equipment Augmentation Requirement” and “Ignore Augmentation Slot (Master Rank)”: You need available slot for these options to work. If you already used all slots, remove some augmentations and use then “Ignore Augmentation Slot (Master Rank)” to reinstall all the augmentations.

2020.06.10: Updated “No Equipment Augmentation Requirement” to work for layered weapons (costuom weapons appearance). Added error message for unsupported game versions.

1,634 Responses

  1. Avatar Jason Mann says:

    you are the best! thanks

  2. Avatar VideoJones says:

    For some reason every time I activate the “Show Monster Health” option, the game soft crashes and I have to restart it.

    • Avatar AlmightyCrumpet says:

      Read the notes about that option and DX11/DX12 that its probably your issue

      • Avatar VideoJones says:

        Huh.. completely missed that apparently. I would switch to DX11, but I have way more problems at the moment so I guess I’ll stick to not using that option for now. Thanks for the info.

        • Avatar VideoJones says:

          I’m still getting the crash after using it but it’s not immediate anymore. It seems to happen at the rewards screen after a hunt. Would having the SpecialK graphics menu installed possibly cause the problem? I have the game in borderless and dx11 so I can’t think of what else it could be.

  3. Avatar AlmightyCrumpet says:

    Your trainer is becoming godly and what you are doing is amazing, thank you sharing this.
    Is it possible to make an option for the steamworks? I’m sure a mod will come around eventually so more of a curiosity than a request 😛

  4. Avatar Kekkon says:

    Hope you add infinite bowgun custom mods, thank you!

  5. Avatar Reginaldo Nascimento Sales says:

    It’s not working here.

  6. FLiNG FLiNG says:

    Your game is not the correct version. This trainer only works for v20200109 update or above, not compatible with older game version.

  7. Avatar Reginaldo Nascimento Sales says:

    thanks. 🙂

  8. Avatar notFunnny says:

    Can’t get trainers above +20 to work. Toggling anything on +56 only works as the game is booting, but then the game freezes. Suggestions?

  9. Avatar Ryuu says:

    Those who still have the game not respond like I had before. You can try turn off Nvidia in game overlay or turn off the Instant Replay. If you use Radeon VGA and still have this problem, good luck :v

  10. Avatar Mariocarmenes says:

    can you add a option for Talisman Medler something that dont consume items, however thanks 😀

  11. Avatar Nameless Randy says:

    Can you add a time lock function for your trainer? In the next DLC you have to investigate and kill a new monster called Safi’jiiva (冥赤龙), but you only have 20 minutes to finish your fight. I heard players have to fight Safi’jiiva 3 times and each combat will be taken place in different areas.

    • Avatar Necrotica says:

      Safi is online only like kulv

      • Avatar Nameless Randy says:

        I guess you can kill safi in offline model. The only thing you need to do is to take the question in online model and disconnect your internet after you get into the quest. I did this before in every special quest and online event quest. The trainer did work.

      • Avatar Nameless Randy says:

        I mean to take quest not question

      • Avatar Nameless Randy says:

        You can join the event in offline model, but you need to disconnect your internet after you get into the quest, and then you will be able to use your trainer. The quest will not end, but you will not be able to use SOS function and end the quest by talking to your partner Handler. However, you can still end the quest by simply click “return from quest” in the opinion. If you finish the quest, you will be sent back automatically. Remember to play the event doesn’t require the online model, the only thing that requires the online model is when you get into the quest. After you get into the event quest, you can disconnect the internet and do whatever you like. You can do the special quest without internet, so I don’t need to explain this to you.

  12. Avatar GrooteS says:

    ( Can I launch a follower friendly reset? I found that when the “highest degree of friendliness” is opened, bug will appear )
    Please tell me what exactly is meant, I just don’t understand English, I want to know what this function influenced, since I activated it myself (

  13. Avatar Can Merz says:

    is there a possibility to get a cheat for rarity 12 decorations? Sadly i only got 1 on my way to MR 158

  14. Avatar GrooteS says:

    And if the opportunity to crack the hunter’s change coupons, if you make a copy of the save, and change the hunter, and then return the save, then the coupon is returned, then the data is stored somewhere in the save file

  15. Avatar TLR says:

    Would a cheat to access all canteen ingredients be possible?

  16. Avatar Brkon says:

    Can u make a function to edit single items in the chest? like just the selectet one and let us decide the quantity of it ?

  17. Avatar 1 says:

    Can you make this function that all monsters are killed?

  18. Avatar HeyRoolax says:

    Can´t no longer use the maximum might skill (afinitty boost when full stamina) when the max stamina option is enabled in your latest version. Any ideas?

  19. Avatar Kezn says:

    hi, my game freeze whenever i activate the trainer, try with shortcut, and changing the game to window/borderless ful screen but still no luck.
    anyone encounter this ?

    • Avatar Ryuu says:

      Those who still have the game not respond like I had before. Green team, you can try to turn off Nvidia in game overlay or turn off the Instant Replay. If you use red team Radeon VGA and have this same problem, then good luck :v

    • Avatar Kezn says:

      If anyone turn on the Directx12, make sure to turn it off, i manged to activate the trainer once changed to Directx11.

  20. Avatar Necrotica says:

    Can I ask, I use this. Offline. Just to farm through content quicker is it then safe after turning it off to go back online. Or is their anticheat like a save compare to ps4s anti cheat. Resulting in ban anyone use it offline line then go back on after they gotten their stuff gems hunts finished. No issues play with friends legit from there? .

    • Avatar Wyvrn says:

      I had no issues personally. So i think it is safe.

      • Avatar Necrotica says:

        Thanks for letting me know got alot of catching up to do so that’s good to know this trainer is godly but I still enjoy ability to go online without worries after use to play with friends.

    • Avatar Fish says:

      I was gonna ask the same thing. I just got it for pc and I want to blade through the content. Just want to use it offline then go online. How your experience going?

  21. Avatar Balisto says:

    the version of 54 work perfectly

  22. Avatar Shinkanzen says:

    Can you add option a gold crown of small and large animal monsters?

  23. Avatar 太武天尊 says:


  24. Avatar lelakibangsat says:

    infinite buff table, freeze the frostcraft skill, it wont recharge the buff bar.

  25. Avatar Rock says:

    I can’t finish the game

  26. Avatar Keto says:

    How to use the Infinite Mantle Duration? I can’t seem to get it to work

  27. Avatar kaz says:

    in offline mode, tried to activate cheats before loading the character. still crashes when i activate anything.

  28. Avatar hamon says:


    • Avatar Kezn says:

      是不是有开directx12 api ?, 我之前也是这样的问题。

  29. Avatar Kiritaya says:

    If you have n’t acquired special equipment for follower cats, you ca n’t get special equipment for unaccompanied cats if you turn on the highest level of friendliness. Can I add a function to reset the friendliness of the followers? Thank you
    English translated by Google may be ambiguous, please forgive me (如果尚未获得随从猫的特殊装备,开启最高随从们友好度的话,将无法获得未获得随从猫的特殊装备。可以添加一个重置随从猫们友好度的功能吗?谢谢 用谷歌翻译的英文,可能会有一些歧义,还请见谅 )

  30. Avatar uhhm says:

    Is it possible to add the option for bowguns to use any ammo?

  31. FLiNG FLiNG says:

    Process id 0 mean the game probably has been closed or a game process that is stuck at closing. Restart your computer to make sure no stuck game process is running. And make sure your antivirus is not interfering.
    Also, when you use a different version trainer, you may also need to restart the game.

    • Avatar Balisto says:

      Yeah process IF is 0 because the game crash that make error 5 and next error adresse no found no anti virus and not using other trainner version before it on fresh reboot

  32. Avatar Alex_thebrave says:

    Is it possible to do one for crowns large and small for both monsters and epidemic life? This is amazing and you are amazing!

  33. Avatar belphegor92 says:

    does the one shot works with zorah magdaros ?

    • Avatar Tol says:

      Probably not, there are scripted events in zorah magdaros mission (and some other mission), one hit kill won’t skip events so they usually stay alive until the events ended.

  34. FLiNG FLiNG says:

    Try redownload the latest trainer.

  35. Avatar FunBunz says:

    Quest, I know it’s not recommend to use the trainer online. But if I was to use this with friends online would the trainer affect them as well?

    • Avatar Pornstache says:

      Use it offline, any changes u do with the trainer will either crash your game and affect your friend account.

  36. Avatar James Le says:

    how do you download this trainer. it says this download does not have an app etc? very confused

  37. Avatar babs says:

    new updated trainer (2020-01-15 19:40) crashes my game when i activate options at the main menu, tried the previous trainer (2020-01-13 14:26) and it works fine.

  38. Avatar darkedone02 says:

    Can we have like a “max jewel stats” where if you insert 1 jewel, it increase that jewel to the highest?

  39. Avatar MASTER RANK 999 says:

    a scam to have all layered armor for visuals? ! @Fling

  40. Avatar Cheater says:

    Great work. Saved me a lot of time grinding. Can you add “max guiding lands gathering level?”

  41. Avatar M99 says:

    Great work. u saved my time. can u add “max palico level to downgrade palico level?”

  42. Avatar An Anon says:

    hello , thanks for the great works
    is it possible to have an option that makes a jewel that gives the maximum level as well as for the armor set.
    for example to have the maximum level with agitator with a single jewel?

    Thank you 🙂

  43. Avatar GrooteS says:

    Hello, is it possible to hack the hunter’s edit coupons?

    • Avatar Olenhol says:

      you can bypass that with CE tables, create new character, write down his values of face hair ect. and then edit yours to them.

  44. Avatar Olenhol says:

    Any way to disable hotkeys?
    some of them are messing with me when I type on quest and I dont wanna cheat online.

  45. Avatar MASTER RANK 999 says:

    Can you make (” HBS ”) (” HBS ”) (” BOW ”) have access to all ammunition? @ fling

  46. Avatar osas says:

    When i activate the cheats it make my game crash, anyone??

  47. Avatar an anon says:

    it’s possible to have 1 jewel max the level ? ^^

  48. Avatar 3DM网友 says:


  49. Avatar Almago says:

    Awesome work ! btw is there anyway to somehow custom a number of Jewels in the bag ?

    • Avatar Peek says:

      Ctrl+Num 4 – Edit Item Quantity (Item Box) should do that ..

      • Avatar Almago says:

        It work ? i tried that and it didne work for Jewels. I guessing Jewels it not really in the box or i might do it wrong

        • Avatar Peek says:

          Try using the Plus.51 trainer it works with that .. 999 everything that’s in your item box including jewels ..

  50. Avatar zzingnam says:

    Can I modify the number of monster kills and capture? or Include weapon use count

    • Avatar Peek says:

      Not sure why you need this option, doesn’t help with any achievements or anything else besides making your Guild card seem you can use any weapon .. Just use weapon of choice and then use 1Hit KO, 1 Hit Capture or Increase your Dmg Multiplier and go to town on the monsters ..

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