No Man’s Sky Trainer

27 Options · Game Version: v1.5-v2.41+ · Last Updated: 2020.04.10No Man's Sky Trainer/Cheat


Num 1 – Infinite Health
Num 2 – Infinite Shield
Num 3 – Infinite Stamina
Num 4 – Jetpack Infinite Energy
Num 5 – Multi-Tool No Overheat
Num 6 – No Reload
Num 7 – Infinite Grenades
Num 8 – Infinite Items
Num 9 – No/Min. Crafting Requirements
Num 0 – Super Damage/One Hit Destroy

Ctrl+Num 1 – Starship Infinite Health
Ctrl+Num 2 – Starship Infinite Shield
Ctrl+Num 3 – Starship Weapons No Overheat
Ctrl+Num 4 – Infinite Units
Ctrl+Num 5 – Add Units
Ctrl+Num 6 – Super Speed
Ctrl+Num 7 – Open Locks Without Atlas Pass
Ctrl+Num 8 – Translate All Alien Languages
Ctrl+Num 9 – Infinite Nanite Clusters
Ctrl+Num 0 – Infinite Quicksilver

Alt+Num 1 – Launch Thruster Inf. Energy
Alt+Num 2 – Pulse Engine Inf. Energy
Alt+Num 3 – Hyperdrive Inf. Energy
Alt+Num 4 – Scanner Instant Charge
Alt+Num 5 – Life Support Inf. Energy
Alt+Num 6 – Hazard Protection Inf. Energy
Alt+Num 7 – Multi-Tool Infinite Energy

  1. “Infinite Items” works for items with capacity over 50, their quantity will be set to max. It will also set equipment energy to max.
  2. “No/Min. Crafting Requirements”, you can craft items and technologies without material, and you can build buildings with minimum material (although it shows 0 but you do need at least 1 material).
  3. “Super Damage/One Hit Destroy” works for multi-tool, you can mine materials and kill enemies with only one hit.
  4. All “Infinite Energy” options take effect when the specific equipment’s energy drops.

2020.04.10: Update for v2.40 & v2.41 game version.
2020.02.28: Update for v2.32 game version.
2020.02.21: Update for v2.3 game version.
2019.12.09: Fixed the problem where “Infinite Stamina” not working on v2.2 game version.
2019.11.29: Update for v2.2 game version.
2019.10.31: Update for v2.15 game version.
2019.10.10: Update for v2.14 game version.
2019.09.05: Update for v2.09.4 game version.


File Date added File size Downloads
zip No.Mans.Sky.v1.5-v2.41.Plus.27.Trainer-FLiNG 2020-04-10 16:14 783 KB 11496
rar No.Mans.Sky.v1.5-v2.32.Plus.27.Trainer-FLiNG 2020-02-28 15:51 664 KB 7647
rar No.Mans.Sky.v1.5-v2.3.Plus.27.Trainer-FLiNG 2020-02-21 03:42 663 KB 4389
rar No.Mans.Sky.v1.5-v2.2.Plus.27.Trainer.Updated-FLiNG 2019-12-09 14:21 663 KB 11570
rar No.Mans.Sky.v1.5-v2.2.Plus.27.Trainer-FLiNG 2019-11-29 16:27 663 KB 3779
rar No.Mans.Sky.v1.5-v2.15.Plus.27.Trainer-FLiNG 2019-10-31 13:31 665 KB 2924

201 Responses

  1. Avatar Elh says:

    Game has update to 2.40 ExoMech Please update

  2. Avatar Jagster says:

    Hey, just few lines to thank you for your work on this trainer! Excellent work indeed! 🙂

  3. Avatar Ercan says:

    “Game has update to 2.40 ExoMech Please update” yea please

  4. Avatar TJSSS says:


  5. Avatar N4VBR says:

    Thank you for your work on this trainer! Excellent work

  6. Avatar Albert Pešout says:

    I would like to thank you in advance for your work, I know that you have enough work and I am looking forward to a new coach update

  7. Avatar Barmagloth says:

    Pleeeeeease (T___T)

  8. Avatar SCARYHAMSTER says:

    Game has update to 2.40 ExoMech Please update

  9. Avatar adol says:


  10. Avatar tinbin says:

    yes plz update…

  11. Avatar Just Chris says:

    Yes Yes please 2.40

  12. Avatar Doom says:

    Please update the trainer

  13. Avatar Fling Fan says:

    please update 🙂

  14. Avatar Alli_ds says:

    Game has update to 2.40 ExoMech Please update

  15. Avatar ricky says:

    i thing he dont give a shit about us ..

  16. FLiNG FLiNG says:

    Trainer updated for ExoMech v2.40 & v2.41

  17. Avatar heber ismael ferreira Moreira says:

    ty for the update but building requirement arent working for me at least

    • FLiNG FLiNG says:

      “No/Min. Crafting Requirements”, you can craft items and technologies without material, and you can build buildings with minimum material (although it shows 0 but you do need at least 1 material).

  18. Avatar heber ismael ferreira Moreira says:

    and the starship weapons no overheat tried to use rockets and they overheat

  19. Avatar LL says:

    Thanks for update 2.41!

  20. Avatar Doom says:

    Thanks for the update

  21. Avatar Alli_ds says:

    Thanks for the update

  22. Avatar Doom says:

    there is one problem, the minimum crafting option says 0 but when constructing base, Requires at least 1 component, if you can do something about it, it would be a great help.

    • FLiNG FLiNG says:

      Can’t set it to 0 because the game needs to divide something (probably the total material count) by this value and will crash if it tries to divide something by 0 (divide by zero exception).

      There are ways to get around it, but would increase the complexity of this option and make it much more difficult to update in the future.

      • Avatar Doom says:

        The option was available in previous versions m, that’s why I asked, no problem tho, thanks again.

  23. Avatar Juan says:

    Vaya rapidez, gracias por el trabajo bien hecho,un cordial saludo

  24. Avatar Rennie says:

    Many thanks for the update keep up the good work all the best.

  25. Avatar tinbin says:

    cheers for the update……

  26. Avatar Jagster says:

    Thank you so very much! 🙂
    Your work is really appreciated!

  27. Avatar pikk says:

    thank you for the update 🙂

  28. Avatar Deana says:

    I just wanted to commend you on your professionalism. Before I could get the emails typed to tell you what wasn’t working…there was an update posted and you had already fixed them…didn’t have time to hit send! Keep it up!

  29. Avatar yos says:

    I need game Disaster report4 summer memories Trainer fling

  30. Avatar Barmagloth says:

    Thank you so much for updates!!

  31. Avatar Imran says:

    sorry but trying to get a link to pm.. but none found.. any update for assassin creed odyssey v 1.5.3? current trainer causes game to crash. do i need to support on patreon if i would like an updated trainer for the game? perhaps u could email me if its a sensitive topic.. thank you.

  32. Avatar Imran says:

    Apologies on previous comment.. failed to see updated to ver 1.5.0.. should have sorted according to date.. so sorry as always big fan of your work.

  33. Avatar سجاد says:

    thanks for this amazing trainer. but where is infinite salvage data ?

  34. Avatar Celtus23 says:

    Can you make a trainer for Super neptunia rpg?

    Thanks for this tranier and the other too!!!

  35. Avatar Xcelsior1986 says:

    nice trainer.. it works perfectly fine

    offtopic: can you update assassin’s creed odyssey trainer to 1.5.3?

  36. Avatar Saadoo says:

    Assassin’s Creed Odyssey please update to 1.53 … FitGirl Repack Version

    • Avatar Imran says:

      u can use the updated trainer for version 1.0.2-v1.5.0 plus 26 trainer. it works as that is what im using currently. file is in the “my trainer archives” section. hope this helps. 🙂

  37. Avatar akeakekekek says:

    need key items for unlock blueprint

  38. Avatar Cristian Easystone says:

    Thank you for your trainer. I’ve got a suggestion also. With the exo-mech update, the “Num 4 – Jetpack Infinite Energy” option might be configured to affect the exo-mech jet pack also. Or and additional option might be added for this jetpack.

  39. Avatar Fayct says:

    Game has update to 2.42 ExoMech Please update

  40. Avatar ZeroInfamous says:

    Would really like to use the newest trainer but the download keeps getting block due to the file having a virus. Any chance of a re-upload?

  41. Avatar Ron Ray says:

    Thank you FLiNG! No.Mans.Sky.v1.5-v2.41.Plus.27.Trainer-FLiNG
    Thank you for “giving” us good quality trainers. When I see “FLiNG” on a trainer, I know it is the BEST! In many cases, I can use your trainers on many different versions!
    And we all know your trainers will not kiss Wemod butt like Mister NoFun.

  42. Avatar Poktoi says:

    @Zeroinfamous, I am also getting the same error would really like this to be fixed thank you very much

  43. Avatar poktoi says:

    either update this trainer to remove the false virus detected program I am surprised this has not been updated with how popular fling is.

  44. Avatar Azax says:

    Update for ExoMech please.

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