Rage 2 Trainer

20 Options · Game Version: Steam/Epic Games Store v1.0-20210219+ · Last Updated: 2021.02.20

Rage 2 Trainer/Cheats


Num 1 - Infinite Health
Num 2 - Max Overdrive
Num 3 - Infinite Ammo
Num 4 - No Reload
Num 5 - Inf. Consumables/Throwables
Num 6 - Jam Enemies Weapon
Num 7 - Vehicle: Infinite Health
Num 8 - Vehicle: Infinite Boost
Num 9 - Vehicle: Infinite Ammo
Num 0 - Vehicle: Weapon No Overheat
Num . - One Hit Kill
Num + - Super Speed
Num - - Slow Motion

Ctrl+Num 1 - Infinite Money
Ctrl+Num 2 - Infinite Resources & Parts
Ctrl+Num 3 - Infinite Project Points
Ctrl+Num 4 - Super Accuracy
Ctrl+Num 5 - Rapid Fire
Ctrl+Num 6 - Skills No Cooldown
Ctrl+Num 7 - Infinite Mutant Bash Tokens


2021.02.20: Support for v20210219/Epic Game Store game version.
2019.11.15: Support for v20191114 game version.
2019.09.26: Support for v20190926 game version.
2019.07.25: Support for v20190725 game version.
2019.05.25: Support for v20190525 game version.
1. Added "Infinite Mutant Bash Tokens" Option.
2. Lowered the amount of Weapon Core Mod and Nanotrite Booster in the "Infinite Resources & Parts" option to avoid not being able to complete the ranger echo missions.
2019.05.17: Added "Skills No Cooldown" Option and support for the latest game version.
2019.05.14 (2): Fully compatible with Bethesda Launcher game version.
2019.05.14 (1):
1. Added "Super Accuracy" and "Rapid Fire" options.
2. Updated "Infinite Resources & Parts", now it will set augmentations to normal max amount, fix issue where too many augmentations cause overdrive duration being too long, hp and damage being too high, etc.
3. Fixed "Vehicle: Infinite Health" sometime works on enemy vehicles and fixed "One Hit kill" sometime works on player's vehicle.


File Date added File size Downloads
zip Rage.2.v1.0-v20210219.Plus.20.Trainer-FLiNG 2021-02-20 16:52 749 KB 26366
rar Rage.2.v1.0-v20191114.Plus.20.Trainer-FLiNG 2019-11-15 23:00 641 KB 28088
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2021-02-22 05:44

FLING is one of the last free trainer makers. He makes best trainers who work. So if you can please support Fling so that he keeps making awesome trainers.

2021-02-22 08:18

RUSTLER trainer pls

2021-02-22 12:02

Mr. FLiNG Pls update trainer for Tales Of Visperia DE & Wreckfest for Game Pass ver

2021-02-22 13:52

Your Ashes of the Singularity Trainer don't work with the new version of the game ... can you fix it? THX

2021-02-22 21:56

Ty so much for the update FLING!!! It's Working awesomely!!!

2021-02-23 01:45

hunie pop 2 trainer please

2021-02-23 04:18

RAGE 2 sucks - can we get a HELLPOINT trainer please?

Cold Steel Forever
Cold Steel Forever
2021-02-23 06:26

Hey guys does Auto-update require Wemod Its just my country has really bad internet connection and i cant use wemod.

2021-02-24 07:44

Thank you for the new version for the Epic Store!

Kim Hansen
Kim Hansen
2021-02-24 21:21

the infinte vehicle healt is working just fine, but i have one issue, when i use the boom-bringer mech it gets destroyed instantly when i get get hit, thats with both inf hp and vehicle,. also one thing you could add that ive seen someone have in a cheat table, hes got infinite jumps, could you add that too ? or do you have a version with a ton load of cheats too that you only sell ? there are so much more stuff that can be added, also saw one where you have infinite overdrive that never runs out when activiated, since the DLC abillities lets you enter overdrive, and quit it by pressing twice, it could be awesome.
and, No Shoot Delay, makes weapons like rocket launcher shoot without having to have a half sec of delay, also works on vehicle firing that has delay, like the 20mm canon on pheonix, and the mortar rockets, its fucking sick xD, i also like the cheats from the DLC, the thor lightning, and the explossive barrels falling from the sky, maybe you can add that too? so it doesnt disable the achievements etc etc.. also your one shot kill is great, only thing is when enemies has armor? they dont die in one hit, should increase the damage modifier in it alot more so it kills anything, ?

2021-03-06 10:45

F xatab- ((

2021-03-21 07:17

thanks for work hard

2021-08-01 14:41

one of these is a virus

Reply to  FLiNG
2022-02-09 15:03

i just use the windows anti virus

2022-02-08 14:55

the in game wemod app not working shuts down my game when i create my character

2022-02-13 22:22

please make warframe trainer please

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