Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV Trainer

35 Options · Game Version: v1.0-v1.0.5+ · Last Updated: 2020.03.19Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV Trainer/Cheat


Num 1 – Infinite Orders
Num 2 – Max Administration Level

City Editor

Ctrl+Num 1 – Durability
Ctrl+Num 2 – Morale
Ctrl+Num 3 – Gold
Ctrl+Num 4 – Supplies
Ctrl+Num 5 – Troops
Ctrl+Num 6 – Wounded
Ctrl+Num 7 – Provoked Remaining Days
Ctrl+Num 8 – Disorder Remaining Days
Ctrl+Num 9 – Scale (1-4)

Area Editor

Ctrl+F1 – Commerce Exp
Ctrl+F2 – Agriculture Exp
Ctrl+F3 – Barracks Exp
Ctrl+F4 – Population
Ctrl+F5 – Public Order
Ctrl+F6 – Construction Limit

Officer Editor

Alt+Num 1 – LEA
Alt+Num 2 – STR
Alt+Num 3 – INT
Alt+Num 4 – POL
Alt+Num 5 – CHA
Alt+Num 6 – Loyalty
Alt+Num 7 – Policy Level
Alt+Num 8 – Max Stats Cap
Alt+Num 9 – Birth Year
Alt+Num 0 – Illness Level (0-3)

Unit Editor

Alt+F5 – Morale
Alt+F6 – Troops
Alt+F7 – Wounded
Alt+F8 – Provoked Remaining Days
Alt+F9 – Disorder Remaining Days
Alt+F10 – Restrained Remaining Days
Alt+F11 – Gold
Alt+F12 – Supplies

  1. “City Editor”: Open a city’s info menu, then activate editor options, they will be applied to that city.
  2. “Area Editor”: Open a region’s info menu, then activate editor options, they will be applied to that region.
  3. “Officer Editor”: Open a character’s info menu, then activate editor options, they will be applied to that character.
  4. “Unit Editor”: Open a troop’s info menu, then activate editor options, they will be applied to that troop.
  5. “Max Stats Cap” option is not permanent, when you disable this option, stats cap will restore back to normal.

2020.03.19: Update for v1.0.5 game version.
2020.03.03: Update for English game version.
2020.02.13: Update for v1.0.3 game version.
2020.01.18: Added “Max Stats Cap” option; Removed “Learn All Formations” option because having too many formations will crash the game.

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  1. Avatar tribal386 says:

    fling kindly create for DBZ Kakarot trainer please., many thanks God Bless and More Power fling numba 1

  2. Avatar POOH says:

    Thank you.

  3. Avatar Symphony says:

    Dragon ball kakarot please

  4. Avatar ZnAkE64 says:


  5. Avatar kinor says:

    功能也太多了 太感謝你了

  6. Avatar PrinceHeir says:

    Great work!!!

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  8. Avatar Thank you says:

    always FLING is BEST

  9. Avatar blue fish says:

    thank you so much

  10. Avatar Colataric says:

    Thanks you!
    so thats why it was crushing!

  11. Avatar Kunnaki says:

    Is there a way to activate the game without the launcher coming up? I tried playing the game from the folder without going through Steam, but it didn’t work. Apparently, the trainer doesn’t recognize the launcher. Any help would be appreciated.

  12. Avatar lglglg says:

    Trainer not working on latest english version, can we update please? It is still working on other languages. Thanks.

  13. Avatar Nebusama says:

    Question can you add San14_EN into the trainer the English patch came out basically yesterday im just asking lol

  14. Avatar Blaze says:

    Can you please update it to work with the english patch. It doesnt recognize the new SAN14_EN executable for the game. I tried renaing the file but it just gives errors when you try to use it.

  15. Avatar RonnyMac says:

    As always great job mate, please update when you have time.Greatly appreciated keep up the good work.

    • Avatar RonnyMac says:

      Thanks for the update man! We appreciate you and all the work you do genuinely. Can’t wait to check it out when I get on later.

  16. Avatar Rully says:

    hello need enlish version thank you

  17. Avatar name says:

    san14_en.exe needs support would be very kind of you :p <3

  18. Avatar Name says:

    Need English version of trainer pls. : >

  19. Avatar Black Dragon says:

    we are still waiting for the English trainer thanks in advance

  20. Avatar Neibilim21 says:

    still not detected game using 1.03 version english

    • Avatar Dennis says:

      wait for the trainer got updated to english version of games – detect san14_en.exe

      • Avatar Neibilim21 says:

        go spend 2 dollar man so he can accelerate the progess, iam just a hobo. i cant wait to be lubu and execute Liu bei trash

  21. Avatar Azakura says:

    For (SAN14_EN) Update Please .. and thanks…

  22. Avatar Gerald says:

    Fling is the best.

  23. Avatar Dennis says:

    thank you

  24. Avatar Harry says:

    Thank you alot Fling

  25. Avatar S. says:

    Hey Fling thank you again for the update i have some proposals,

    -could you add Gate options to trainer? like health and troops?
    -is it possible in the administration tab to raise the Total Cost like 9999?
    -last thing is it possible to make the buttons toggle? so i can like make all my generals and cities max without pressing again and again? i use the officer screen for that works perfect.

    Thank You Fling

    • Avatar Crusher X says:

      Agree on this, can’t find the option for gate. I have to use my best soldier to run down hu lao gate,

  26. Avatar daekiki says:

    “Max Stats Cap” option is not working. After any stat reaches to 100, there is no more growth. Please help me to use your tool correctly.

  27. Avatar danieal says:

    Can you add no stat exp mode for all officers? I don’t want any officers’ stat to change in game.

  28. Avatar juan carlo says:

    i think you need to make INF MOVEMENT or ACTION/movement TIME!
    action time is horrible! i dont know why KOEI dont make Turn based strategy like TOTAL WAR
    limited turn based is horrible

  29. Avatar Durin471 says:

    Thanks again, now i hope for a new Stellaris trainer

  30. Avatar Lake333GLD says:

    DooM: Eternal trainer, please!

  31. Avatar deep rock galactic says:

    deep rock galactic & risk of rain 2 pls

  32. Avatar jambo says:

    can you do doom eternal trainer as soon as possible i love all your trainers they always work and cause 0 crashes in any games your trainers have been my favs for years

  33. Avatar Nikolas says:

    Resident Evil 3 Remake Demo pls.

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