Star Wars: Squadrons Trainer

8 Options · Game Version: v1.0+ · Last Updated: 2020.10.04

Note: Story mode only.Star Wars: Squadrons Trainer/Cheat


Num 1 – Infinite Health
Num 2 – Infinite Ammo/Energy
Num 3 – Infinite Missiles
Num 4 – Infinite Boost
Num 5 – Max Power (Set Power To Balance Mode)
Num 6 – No Repair Cooldown
Num 7 – Rapid Fire
Num 8 – Set Game Speed

  1. “Max Power” takes effect when you set power to balance mode. If you want to disable and restore the effect, set power to balance mode again after disabling this option.
  2. “No Repair Cooldown”: Note this option should activate before repair.

Special Notes

This game uses EasyAntiCheat protection, in order to launch this game without EAC, please follow these instructions:

1. Copy “starwarssquadrons_launcher.exe” to the game’s directory.
2. Start game.


File Date added File size Downloads
zip Star.Wars.Squadrons.v1.0.Plus.8.Trainer-FLiNG 2020-10-04 18:40 870 KB 1598

47 Responses

  1. Avatar Goddess Ravenna says:

    can you also work on Necromunda 1.1?

  2. Avatar James says:

    can you do fast and furious crossroads

    • Avatar xel says:

      it’s a faliure game that less than 30 people bought. go to fearlessrevolution for the table, if you want cheats for this game so badly

  3. Avatar Phun Mail says:

    Now we just need an option to get rid of all the woke identity politics that’s in this game 😉

  4. Avatar Armand2176 says:

    Any chance for a Rebel Galaxy Outlaw Trainer for Steam?

  5. Avatar Khalid SB says:

    Please can you help us out with that of wwe 2k battlegrounds

  6. Avatar fewgaeryaay says:

    Drake Hollow

  7. Avatar Goddess Ravenna says:

    trainer works btw!, infinite Items prevents you from going far in some Missions when u need to Pickup items, gonna try to restart from checkpoint and go from there..

  8. Avatar kaazem says:

    Recently “Silent Hill 4” had a GOG release. https://www.gog.com/game/silent_hill_4_the_room
    Please make a trainer for it with some cool options like “Rapid Fire”, “Have All Weapons” and etc.

  9. Avatar Tommy says:

    Greetings from Indonesia ..
    is there any chance to add trainer for a game called “State of Decay : Year One Survival Edition” ?
    God Mode and One Hit Kills is more than enough 😀

    Thanks a lot ..

  10. Avatar Zaza says:

    can u do genshi impact ? all searcher for this game and very populer for now

  11. Avatar Deausvult says:

    phasmophobia if you can

  12. Avatar john says:

    port royale 4 plz..

  13. Avatar John says:

    theHunter Call of the Wild is a good one, has a complete edition now so a good time for a trainer.

  14. Avatar Darthsarn says:

    Just commenting for Baldurs gate 3

  15. Avatar sssss says:

    Just commenting for Baldurs gate 3

  16. Avatar Jake says:

    Fling should team up with WeMod like another person did (Mrantifun). Would love to access his cheats via a program.

  17. Avatar NINA says:

    Baldurs gate 3 plz thank you


    baldurs gate and torch light 3 please!!

  19. Avatar Marvin Freeman says:

    baldurs gate 3 please

  20. Avatar Christian says:

    @Fling can you make a trainer for Baldurs gate 3

  21. Avatar James G says:

    I realize the comments above are starting to flood in, but since you do make the best trainers I would like to also request a trainer for Baldur’s Gate 3. Some people mentioned always 20 rolls(which might be a little hard find) which sounds like a pretty fun one that’s not too game breaking.

  22. Avatar zeol says:

    baldur’s gate 3 gogogo

  23. Avatar nyc says:

    All these comments are asking for stuff. lol You are appreciated my guy.

  24. Avatar Andre says:

    “Genshin impact” trainer

  25. Avatar ROCK says:


    ——————- GRIM DAWN——————————

  26. Avatar Sasha says:

    Ghostrunner trainer?

  27. Avatar ss says:

    i need Genshin Impact traine game

  28. Avatar Goddess Ravenna says:

    game Updated… why are People using this for Trainer Requests… go to the Request page if there is one people!…

    re testing if Trainer forks for update, as no one else seems to be commenting.. (the Fixed EXE is out of date too)

  29. Avatar Jakov says:

    Hey guys sorry for bothering ya all but someone said that fling joined wemod is that truth?

  30. Avatar StealthNinja1O1 says:

    People are trying to sell your trainers
    € 3,48 | Red Dead Redemption 2 game cheat,RDR 2game modifier,Low price sale
    Plz report them, and contact ali

  31. Avatar Plagu3 says:

    Trainer did not work with the latest update 1.2

  32. Avatar Plagu3 says:

    Sorry, false alarm… trainer works fine!!

  33. Avatar Goddess Ravenna says:

    doesnt work, new patch came out EAC fixed file gives a Code error..

    • Avatar Goddess Ravenna says:

      Invalid License. Reason Code: Invalid Cipher (0x0006)

      is the problem with the trainer fixed EXE now

      • Avatar Goddess Ravenna says:

        run Repair if u get this problem after recent patch!.. then re-apply the EAC Bypass in trainer folder to make it work again!

  34. Avatar nick says:

    ” 1. Copy “starwarssquadrons_launcher.exe” to the game’s directory ”

    Copy. Does this mean overwrite the original? After overwriting a Accessibility menu appears. I’m lost. Help…

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