Subnautica: Below Zero Trainer

17 Options · Game Version: v1.0+ · Last Updated: 2021.05.14Subnautica: Below Zero Trainer/Cheat


Num 1 – Invincible
Num 2 – Infinite Health
Num 3 – Infinite Oxygen
Num 4 – Infinite Food
Num 5 – Infinite Water
Num 6 – Perfect Body Temperature
Num 7 – Infinite Power
Num 8 – Infinite Battery Power
Num 9 – Set Swim Speed
Num 0 – Set Ground Speed
Num . – Set Game Speed
Num + – Infinite Vehicle Health

Ctrl+Num 1 – Unlock All Blueprints
Ctrl+Num 2 – Ignore Crafting Requirements
Ctrl+Num 3 – Instant Crafting
Ctrl+Num 4 – Ignore Building Requirements
Ctrl+Num 5 – Instant Building

  1. “Infinite Oxygen”: Takes effect when oxygen decrease.
  2. “Infinite Food”: Takes effect when food decrease.
  3. “Infinite Water”: Takes effect when water decrease.
  4. “Infinite Power”: Works on power generators, takes effect when power decrease.
  5. “Infinite Battery Power”: Works on tools and vehicles that use battery power, takes effect when battery power decrease.
  6. “Ignore Crafting Requirements”: When activated, you can craft items even if you don’t have materials, but if you have materials, they will be used.
  7. “Ignore Building Requirements”: When activated, you can build items/structures even if you don’t have materials, but if you have materials, they will be used.
  8. “Infinite Vehicle Health”: Takes effect when vehicle takes damage.


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2021-05-20 15:23

everything seems to work fine except the “all blueprints” one,ive tried allsorts but its still a case of get blueprints as you scan stuff etc.

Robert Hall
Robert Hall
2021-06-01 20:11

Everything works great except swim speed

2021-06-13 11:33

Please update 44672