Terminator: Resistance Trainer

13 Options · Game Version: v1.027+ · Last Updated: 2019.11.17

Terminator: Resistance Trainer/CheatOptions

Num 1 – Infinite Health
Num 2 – Infinite Ammo/Items
Num 3 – No Reload
Num 4 – Super Accuracy
Num 5 – No Recoil
Num 6 – Stealth Mode
Num 7 – Set Game Speed
Num 0 – One Hit Kill

Ctrl+Num 1 – Edit Money
Ctrl+Num 2 – Edit Skill Points
Ctrl+Num 3 – Edit Inventory Size
Ctrl+Num 4 – Infinite Exp
Ctrl+Num 5 – Exp Multiplier

  1. “Infinite Ammo/Items” takes effect when item quantity decreases, note if item quantity decreases to 0 (e.g. if you drop/sell all of it), it will be removed from inventory.
  2. “Stealth Mode”: While activated, enemies will still see you but they won’t attack you unless you attack them first or detected by too many enemies.
  3. “Edit Money”, “Edit Skill Points”, “Edit Inventory Size” take effects when you open menu.
  4. “Infinite Exp” takes effect when you gain exp.
  5. “Exp Multiplier”: The display value of exp gain is not affected but the actual amount of exp gain will be multiplied.


File Date added File size Downloads
rar Terminator.Resistance.v1.027.Plus.13.Trainer-FLiNG 2019-11-17 20:31 642 KB 26024

33 Responses

  1. Avatar Croider says:

    Show de bola! Melhor criador de trainer da internet.

  2. Avatar Htid says:

    Thank you boss man 😎

  3. Avatar Symphony says:

    thanks Fling, can you make trainer Shenmue 3 please.

  4. Avatar Lake333GLD says:

    Awesome! Great job, Fling! You are the best!

  5. Avatar Reaper1222 says:

    hi can you make a trainer for Rune 2 too?

  6. Avatar thunder02 says:

    thx please trainer rune 2 thx

  7. Avatar Nelson Chris says:

    Please add no weapons overheat.

  8. Avatar Sanya says:

    THX !!!

  9. Avatar baranowski says:

    Rune 2 THX

  10. Avatar greeny187 says:

    Need a hack option.

  11. Avatar paul says:

    works good use mouse to click on cheats

  12. Avatar Paul says:


  13. Avatar Rooxon says:

    Just wanted to leave my thanks here. I love Fling trainers ever since I first found out about them, the only properly working trainers around that never disappoint. Cheers! And keep making trainers! 🙂

  14. Avatar RIzky Rakhmadani says:

    please add trainer for this war of mine final cut please fling

  15. Avatar PrinceHeir says:

    Amazing work!!

    Is it possible if you could update RDR2 once a new update is released? The trainer works perfectly except for some like Infinite Health.

    Romancing Saga 3 is also out! It’s just something to think about for any future releases


    Appreciate the work as always Fling!

  16. Avatar Sanya says:

    best Trainermaker in the World

  17. Avatar Nostalgeek says:

    thanx a lot

  18. Avatar Vote Crowley says:

    Too bad I can’t even get past the first loading screen, just infinite blackness loop.

  19. Avatar samrat says:

    thaks bro, shenmue 3 please ;D

  20. Avatar ERIC s ABBOTT says:

    absolutely works great job ty

  21. Avatar lal says:

    option 1 and 2 ( num 1 and num 2 ) not working. please fix this.

  22. Avatar Atom says:

    Great now I want assassins creed odyssey Please!!

  23. Avatar Bherad says:

    please update trainer for vr 1.30

  24. Avatar Tom says:

    Please update trainer for version 1.030. Thank you for your great work.

  25. Avatar OrcBlogg says:

    Update for v1.30? Please Thanks

  26. Avatar Dragos says:

    Please update the trainer for v1.030.
    Thank you for your great work!

  27. Avatar ML says:

    please update for 1.030 thank you !

  28. Avatar Seeker says:

    Antivirus called alert of maleware Vigram.A in this rar file -_-*

  29. Avatar skyred50 says:

    Will this work with the HOODLUM release?

  30. Avatar Kerid says:

    Hi Fling, while your trainers are usually reported safe by virustotal (except one engine decting a gamehack thing), this one triggers 16 engines: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/091e03c57fe6ef4f73fac83a7f4d28960ad90a882ddf0a881424185f6661c546/detection

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