The Last Stand: Aftermath Trainer

22 Options · Game Version: v1.0+ · Last Updated: 2021.11.20

The Last Stand: Aftermath Trainer/CheatOptions

Num 1 - Invincible
Num 2 - Infinite Health
Num 3 - Infinite Stamina
Num 4 - Minimum Infection
Num 5 - Infinite Ammo
Num 6 - Infinite Throwables
Num 7 - No Reload
Num 8 - Zero Weight
Num 9 - Infinite Weapon Durability
Num 0 - One Hit Stun
Num . - One Hit Kill
Num + - Stealth Mode

Ctrl+Num 1 - Infinite Vehicle Health
Ctrl+Num 2 - Infinite Fuel
Ctrl+Num 3 - Fast Mutation
Ctrl+Num 4 - Infinite Supply
Ctrl+Num 5 - Infinite Reputation
Ctrl+Num 6 - Infinite Knowledge Points
Ctrl+Num 7 - Infinite XP
Ctrl+Num 8 - XP Multiplier
Ctrl+Num 9 - Set Player Speed
Ctrl+Num 0 - Set Game Speed

  1. "Infinite Health": Takes effect when you take damage. Your health will reset every time you take damage. Note your max health will decrease when infection increase, you can use "Minimum Infection" to prevent that.
  2. "Minimum Infection": Takes effect when you take damage. Your infection value will reset every time you take damage.
  3. "Infinite Ammo": When activated, the total ammo amount will not decrease.
  4. "Infinite Throwables": When activated, throwables amount will not decrease.
  5. "Zero Weight": Takes effect when weight updates (pick up or drop items).
  6. "Fast Mutation": Note your max health will decrease when you mutate, your character will die if max health drops to 0. You'll need to disable this option before max health drops to 0.
  7. "Infinite Supply", "Infinite Reputation", "Infinite Knowledge Points": Take effects when their values update or when you go to the next map.
  8. "Infinite XP": Takes effect when you gain XP.
  9. "Set Game Speed": Note this may cause certain animations (for example, when the bridge drops) to freeze, disable this option during certain missions.


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2021-11-23 13:50

What's going on with your trainers lately? This is the second one in a row that crashes my game to desktop when I try to activate it. I have not tried the WeMod version as of yet, because I do not care much for them, but if it does, this will be the second time this has happened. Are you just trying to push people to WeMod? I hope not, because I prefer your stand alone ones better, less intrusive.

Cat Is Love
Cat Is Love
Reply to  OmegaOfYourDreams
2021-11-23 22:05

Or maybe because of you Rig ? I don't have any problem and my game never crash.

Reply to  Cat Is Love
2021-11-26 01:28

Why is it whenever someone has an issue with a program, some Idiot always comes yelling "it's your PC"? Nothing wrong with my PC, it's way beyond what any game today requires to play. Also, the game plays perfectly, and every other trainer works as well. Only this one and Ruined King one does this. Fling's trainer through WeMod works perfectly for these two though, which is why I was concerned, since I dislike that program.

Reply to  OmegaOfYourDreams
2021-11-30 10:26

Fling team should release an apology because some entitled dumb kid is not happy with their FREE trainers.
And yeah, its your rig. Its amazing that you can even start the game on your Windows XP machine.

Reply to  park
2021-12-04 14:59

Exactly. Ive been using FlinG for years and have never had an issue. If his trainers were making people's PC's crash this forum would be flooded with people with the same issue. If you find your the only one with an issue then its on your end.

Reply to  OmegaOfYourDreams
2021-12-28 09:24

stfu pls, dont ever complain about something u get for free

2021-11-30 04:52

Infinite battery plz

2021-12-01 19:01

windows defender finds it as a virus. is this normal?

2021-12-25 18:31

it would be great if infinite item was available
thanks in advanced

Sebastian Merseburger
Sebastian Merseburger
2021-12-26 07:22


Fixed a bug with this where I couldn't reach fuel stuck on a roof. Weird enough.

easy and clean!

2022-01-02 13:13

can you add unlimited resources.Please and Thank you.