Wolfenstein: Youngblood Trainer

16 Options · Game Version: v1.0-v1.0.5+ · Last Updated: 2019.08.29Wolfenstein: Youngblood Trainer/Cheats


Num 1 – Infinite Health
Num 2 – Infinite Shield
Num 3 – Infinite Ammo
Num 4 – No Reload
Num 5 – Super Accuracy
Num 6 – No Recoil
Num 7 – Infinite Stealth Duration
Num 8 – Infinite Silver Coins
Num 9 – Infinite Skill Points
Num 0 – Stealth Mode
Num + – Super Speed
Num – – Slow Motion
PageUp – Infinite Double Jumps
PageDown – One Hit Kill

F1/F2/F3/F4 – 2/4/8/16x EXP
F5/F6/F7/F8 – 2/4/8/16x Silver Coins

Home – Disable All

  1. “Infinite Health” and “Infinite Shield”, when you take damage, your health/shield will set to 9999.
  2. “Infinite Ammo” takes effect when you reload ammo, your ammo will set to 900+.
  3. Enemies level is based on player’s level, so it’s not recommended to level up too high when using the EXP multiplier option.
  4. “Infinite Silver Coins” and Silver Coin multiplier options take effect when you pick up silver coins on the ground.

2019.08.29: Support v1.0.5 game version; Fixed problem where “Infinite Silver Coins” works on things other than silver coins which may cause the game to crash.
2019.07.30: Support v20190729 game version; Added “Infinite Double Jumps”, “One Hit Kill”, and Silver Coin multiplier options. Note that “Infinite Silver Coins” has changed the way it works, in the new version, you’ll need to pick up silver coins on the ground for it to work.
2019.07.26: Added “Infinite Health”, “Infinite Shield”, “Stealth Mode”, and EXP multiplier options.


File Date added File size Downloads
rar Wolfenstein.Youngblood.v1.0-v1.0.5.Plus.16.Trainer-FLiNG 2019-08-29 12:36 729 KB 25986

44 Responses

  1. Avatar felipe says:

    super fast thank you very much.

  2. Avatar Ross aka CANADA says:

    Hi Fling,

    I was stuck trying to kill general wrinkle in the very beginning and just couldn’t make it through. However, then I found your trainer for my PC game and it is fantastic, works perfectly no errors, no virus’s, etc. Just incredible that you did this. I am 69 and still playing video games, my son got me hooked with Half-Life to start, still enjoying playing first person shooters. Thank you so very much, I am most grateful and it is greatly appreciated.

    Take Care & Stay Safe,

    Ross aka CANADA From “The Great White North”. 🙂

  3. Avatar Stoney says:

    Can we get a trainer for Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom thanks in advance

  4. Avatar Nelson says:

    I doubt he will make that game trainer. There is a cheat table for this game. You can download a cheat table. Just search it on google.

  5. Avatar Adp says:

    Infinite Silver Coins doesn’t work!

  6. Avatar gogg says:

    A trainer for “Mutant Year Zero” with new DLC, please.

  7. Avatar Fetro22 says:

    Please add this option too:

    Rapid Fire for All Weapons

  8. Avatar Leonardo says:

    Very good work, I noticed only a little problem, activating silver coin multiplier makes you collect more objective stuff unwanted

  9. Avatar pedram says:

    i have problem with num 7… every time i press it i keep receive error and it not working correctly so i copy the error message for you .
    Error Message
    Address not found, please try to restart the game & trainer.
    If this error still occur, please contact me at FLiNGTrainer.com or at 3DMGAME.
    Be sure to include the following data (Press Ctrl+C to copy).

    Process ID: 00001B18
    Search Range: 0000000140000000 – 00000001570C9000
    Bytes Searched: 360.79 MB

    Signature: F3 0F 5C CA 0F 28 D9 0F 28 C8 F3 0F 5F CB EB

    Trainer Version: Wolfenstein Youngblood v1.0-v20190729 Plus 16 Trainer
    i did restart the game and trainer in the same time but still i keep receive this error .

  10. Avatar EnzoReal says:

    When I use the trainer and when I pick up an item such as infos or the floppy disk from the start, it crashes to main menu and it gives me an error about unable to write in entity list.

  11. Avatar Oka says:

    Hi, i’m on 1.03 and whenever i activate infinite ammo game crash after a minute or two, is there anything i’m doing wrong.

  12. Avatar KYKOO says:

    apsulov end of gods PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

  13. Avatar drakewillson says:

    Blair Witch please

  14. Avatar Fetro22 says:

    Ion Fury is a good game.

    I wish you make a trainer for it.


  15. Avatar Symphony87 says:


  16. Avatar Fetro22 says:

    Yes, FINAL_FANTASY_VIII_REMASTERED is a good choice for the trainer.

  17. Avatar jullds says:

    Spyro Reignited Trilogy pls

  18. FLiNG FLiNG says:

    Sorry I won’t be able to make new trainers until Friday because of internet problem (don’t have internet on my PC right now).

  19. Avatar Lake333GLD says:

    Thank you, Fling! You are AWESOME!

  20. Avatar CJIoHuKu says:

    Unable to start a remote thread, Error Code: 5.
    Game version: 1.0.3
    What should I do?


    • FLiNG FLiNG says:

      This usually due to the game closes unexpectedly, just restart the game and trainer should fix this.

  21. Avatar Sebastian says:

    pls update for 1.07, thx

    • Avatar maxima says:

      FLiNG, it’s doesn’t function since the last update 1.07 !!! Please do a new fix updated. Thanks a lot !!

      • FLiNG FLiNG says:

        What options don’t work on 1.07, do you see any error message? If so, please post the error message here.

  22. Avatar maxima says:

    stealth mode. I don’t have error message, just :
    “Game crashed
    Crash dumps are disabled, enable with “win_crashDmp_enable 1”. I got this message in “lab X”

  23. Avatar Meow says:

    No updates for the 1.0.8 ? DOes it works how it should right ?

  24. Avatar Raider10 says:

    Win10 version is here¡¡¡¡

  25. Avatar dafasf says:


  26. Avatar Acid says:

    Can we get an update for Windows store

  27. Avatar Svenps5tr11 says:

    Not Working anymore Pls update

  28. Avatar djdeepakrao says:

    it showing game not found . trainer waiting

  29. Avatar irrumatio says:

    some of the cheats are now broken such as infinite coins, please update

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