Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition Trainer

13 Options · Game Version: v1.0-Build.34223+ · Last Updated: 2019.12.22

Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition Trainer/CheatOptions

Num 1 – Edit Wood
Num 2 – Edit Food
Num 3 – Edit Gold
Num 4 – Edit Stone
Num 5 – Resource Multiplier
Num 6 – Units/Buildings Infinite Health
Num 7 – Instant Research
Num 8 – Instant Buildings
Num 9 – Instant Recruit Units
Num 0 – Empty AI Units/Buildings Health
Num . – Set Game Speed
Num + – Max Population Cap
Num – – Set Population To 0 (Infinite Population)

  1. “Units/Buildings Infinite Health” also works on player’s animals, after using this option, you won’t be able to harvest food from your animals.
  2. This trainer is based on Steam version, it can also target Windows Store version, but it wasn’t tested on that version, so it may or may not be 100% compatible.
  3. “Set Population To 0 (Infinite Population)” should be used together with “Max Population Cap” otherwise you’ll still be limited by the population cap.

2019.12.22: Update for Build.34223 game version.
2019.12.17: Update for Build.34055 game version.
1. Support for Build.33059 game version.
2. Added “Set Population To 0 (Infinite Population)” option.
3. Updated “Units/Buildings Infinite Health” option to set a lower health value in case your units get converted by enemy monks and you’ll be able to kill them.
1. Added “Max Population Cap” option.
2. Trainer now can also detect Windows Store game version, but it’s not tested on that version, so it may or may not be 100% compatible.

43 Responses

  1. Avatar Конунг says:


  2. Avatar JEDI says:

    New star wars GO 😀

  3. Avatar Sanya says:

    @FLING please trainer “Terminator Resistance”

  4. Avatar SlyMeerkat says:

    Great stuff, thank you 🙂

  5. Avatar Lake333GLD says:


    Terminator Resistance,
    Star Wars: Jedi: Fallen Order trainers, please!

    Fling, you are the best!

  6. Avatar Proteus says:

    Please update ARK Survival Evolved trainer version 301.1.
    The ARK Survival Evolved Plus Trainer 23 Trainer Updated 2019.01.17
    only works 50% of the trainer (From 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0-no longer works).

    Sorry about my English

    I love your most unemployed trainer is in no condition to collaborate with anything

  7. Avatar Lonii says:

    Can you add unlimited Troops too?

  8. Avatar Baldb3ard says:

    Hey Buddy loving your work 🙂 – any chance you could get this to work on the Windows ver at all? many thanks.

  9. Avatar samrat says:

    where is new terminator and star wars jedi trainer 🙁

  10. Avatar MAXX says:

    theHunter Call of the Wild Saseka Safari Trophy Lodge THANKS!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Avatar Symphony says:

    Terminator please

  12. Avatar Symphony says:

    Star wars Jedi please

  13. Avatar MF says:

    Thank you once again :), as always your work is always greatly appreciated. for possible future updates if is at all possible could we see if a troop count is possible to increase above the current max?

  14. Avatar William says:

    Doesnt work for me, is this for Steam version?? i have the Windows Store version, the process name is different, please help

  15. Avatar Ricardo says:

    Windows Store

  16. Avatar hello says:

    Can’t add unlimited population features?

  17. Avatar MSoniSama says:

    Unlimited population please. And could you please decrease the Health in the health cheat. if my unit gets converted it’s gonna be impossible to kill.Otherwise. BEST TRAINER

  18. Avatar Petr says:

    I would add Unlimited Population, Plus One Hit Kill. I also noticed that some of the enemy units gets unlimited health too.

  19. Avatar Stephen says:

    not working 🙁 “Game is not detected, please launch the game before activating cheats.”

  20. Avatar Baldb3ard says:

    Works on Windows just fine Fling currently (16/11/2019) – dude nice work as always 🙂 you are a Leg-end

  21. Avatar Dinichou says:

    Would like to see a different way of infinite health, as when ennemy monks convert your units, they still are unkillable.

  22. Avatar hello says:

    Thanks for adding the Max Population feature. But it could not exceed 125 people. Is an unlimited population impossible?

  23. Avatar Sanya says:


  24. Avatar Jeff says:

    Fyi, for infinite hp. if the enemy monk converts your soldier, they will have infinite hp as well.

  25. Avatar Jamppa Tuominen says:

    What does “resource multiplier” do excactly?

  26. Avatar KingAnon says:

    Try to make a trainer for War Commander on Kixeye. pls

  27. Avatar PrinceHeir says:

    Thanks! Seem there’s some issues as well. Can’t wait for the update!

  28. Avatar Nelson Chris says:

    Is it possible to add another option quick kill destroy AI Units/Buildings Health. Emptying AI health is too easy.

  29. Avatar Tomás Vasconcellos says:

    The resource multiplier option is brilliant. Thank you sir.

  30. Avatar Symphony87 says:

    Narcos Rise of the Cartels please

  31. Avatar Symphomaniac says:

    No longer works after Hotfix update
    Please Update Ty

  32. Avatar Gorix says:

    Really awesome and great job. Age of Empires Definitive Edition trainer, it is possible on version/build 27805 or it is higher I am sure it will work just fine to me.

  33. Avatar Djizox says:

    It works for the Windows store version as well. just tested and everything works

  34. Avatar gwsggf says:

    Infinite Health and Empty Health features don’t work after 34055 Update(17.12.19)

  35. Avatar james12 says:

    Yes, I can confirm these two cheats are NOT working after the December 17th update

  36. FLiNG FLiNG says:

    Trainer updated for Build.34055 game version.

    • Avatar james12 says:

      Thanks! Seems to be working well on the new update.
      I was just starting to check the data structures to create god mode/one hit kill myself but I think I noticed that there are different opcodes for every team + unit/building type? Definitely saved me some time 🙂

  37. Avatar RusFeex says:

    Thank you! Спасибо за своевременное обновление под новую версию игры) Приятно то, что не успев я сам обновить игру, трейнер обновился раньше)

  38. Avatar Nícolas says:

    new update build.34233 please update trainer,thanks fling

  39. Avatar axaltekinec says:

    Не работает со стимом не находит процес

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