Grounded Trainer

18 Options ยท Game Version: Steam/Xbox Game Pass Early Access ยท Last Updated: 2020.10.02

Note: Single player only.Grounded Trainer/Cheat


Num 1 – Infinite Health
Num 2 – Max Shield/Block
Num 3 – Infinite Stamina
Num 4 – No Hunger
Num 5 – No Thirst
Num 6 – Infinite Oxygen
Num 7 – Infinite Analyzer Charges
Num 8 – Infinite Items
Num 9 – Infinite Tools Durability
Num 0 – One Hit Kill
Num . – Freeze Daytime
Num + – Daytime +1 Hour
Num – – Daytime -1 Hour

Ctrl+Num 1 – Edit Raw Science
Ctrl+Num 2 – Set Game Speed
Ctrl+Num 3 – Set Move Speed
Ctrl+Num 4 – Infinite Jumps
Ctrl+Num 5 – No Crafting Requirement
Ctrl+Num 6 – Easy Building/Min. Building Requirement

  1. “Infinite Items” takes effect when item quantity decreases, the item quantity will set to max stackable count.
  2. “Infinite Tools Durability” takes effect when durability decreases.
  3. “No Crafting Requirement” if you want to disable this option after crafting requirements have changed, you need to restart the game for them to restore.
  4. “Easy Building/Min. Building Requirement”: When activated, you only need to put 1 material to the building site to complete the building.

2020.10.02: Update for v20200930 game version.


File Date added File size Downloads
zip Grounded.Early.Access.Plus.18.Trainer.Updated.2020.10.02-FLiNG 2020-10-02 22:54 786 KB 2133
zip Grounded.Early.Access.Plus.18.Trainer-FLiNG 2020-08-01 19:51 777 KB 15463

69 Responses

  1. Avatar Pros says:

    Grounded need to be updated for

  2. Avatar 123 says:

    Grounded need to be updated for

  3. Avatar phil Smith says:

    this trainer needs update please

  4. Avatar Xinkz says:

    Needs an update for the October patch ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you very much!

  5. Avatar Dragon says:

    it needs an update to be updated for thank you

  6. Avatar Dragon says:

    sorry but this trainer is broken needs an update

  7. Avatar Mr.studly says:

    this trainer needs update please

  8. Avatar Luke Woods says:

    I just signed up on his $10/month tier on Patreon to request an update, please do the same if you can.

    “Would you please mind updating the Grounded Trainer? I signed up on your Patreon just to request this. Your Trainer is the best one I have come across and I would love to see it continue.
    Grounded is currently at version I think.

    https://flingtrainer.com/trainer/grounded-trainer/ Last Updated: 2020.08.01

    Please and thanks, most all features are broken currently :(“

  9. Avatar Luke Woods says:

    Thank you! ๐Ÿ˜€ Updated as of October 2nd 2020!!!

  10. Avatar nickp says:

    can be used in mp private game with friends just know that everyone in game will be using it dont use in public game

  11. Avatar StealthNinja1O1 says:

    People are trying to sell your trainers
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    Plz report them, and contact ali

  12. Avatar tribal386 says:

    is this working for coop guys.?

  13. Avatar true_sith says:

    this trainer keeps closing my game out and I don’t know why

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