Halo Infinite (Campaign) Trainer

4 Options · Game Version: Campaign Mode v6.10024.15613.0+ · Last Updated: 2023.06.23

Single Player Campaign Mode Only. 

Note: the single player campaign mode is just a DLC of the game, the game itself is still a multiplayer game. Using trainer may result in ban. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Halo Infinite (Campaign) Trainer/CheatOptions

Num 1 – Super Health
Num 2 – Super Shield
Num 3 – Infinite Ammo
Num 4 – No Reload

  1. Note the single player campaign mode is just a DLC of the game, the game itself is still a multiplayer game. Using trainer may result in ban. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.
  2. Note the game’s anticheat is running even in single player campaign mode, activating trainer options have a small chance of crashing or freezing the game. It’s best to activate cheats at the beginning of a mission or when you go past a save point.
  3. Only activate cheats when you are in a campaign mission, activating cheats outside a mission will have no effect or cause error.
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The Star Treker
The Star Treker
2022-05-27 02:18

I’m trying to use your trainer through WeMod but it seems won’t to work with the latest version 6.10022.10499.0.

Reply to  The Star Treker
2022-05-29 03:40

Same here. 6.10022.10499.0. WeMod v8.1.1. Popup: There was a problem loading the cheats. If you didn’t close the game (I didn’t), your game version might not be compatible or you may have to Allow WeMod through your firewall or anti-virus software.”
I have no AV or firewall issues and WeMod works with other games (Master Chief Collection, Crysis, etc.) with no problems.

Sid Greene
Sid Greene
2022-06-22 06:44

Thank you for the update and I appreciate your hard work on this Fling!

2022-09-06 15:55

Trainer worked fine 99% for me, rarely crashed game, sometimes cheats won’t work after new mission/objective, just reloaded 2 different save files and it worked.

2022-11-09 01:02

November 8th major update with missions replay is here, and it made 2 trainer cheats not working: health and shield. Ammo & reload still working.

2022-11-13 22:24

You need to make the hotkeys so that they are easy to change.
Half the keyboards in the world do not have NUM keys.

I suggest a settings.config file, where these things could be edited.

2022-11-15 03:12

halo infinite v6.10020.17952.0
No have cheat?
Please help me to find it, sorry for my English my email is [email protected] and my WhatsApp +53 59426185, thanks

2022-12-13 12:15

This is strange, to see so many comments saying that one or another version of the trainer has failed, I have been using it since the first version was released and never in all this year have I had any errors or problems with the trainer or with crashes in the game. Now I use the latest version and all the cheats work fine. I have the PLAZA version of the game.

2023-06-12 11:04

thank you for the trainer would it be possible to add one hit kill thank you

2023-06-23 06:24

Hello FLiNG! Please make trainer for trepang2

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