The Surge 2 Trainer

13 Options · Game Version: v1.0-v20190927+ · Last Updated: 2019.09.28The Surge 2 Trainer/Cheats


Num 1 – Infinite Health
Num 2 – Infinite Battery
Num 3 – Infinite Stamina
Num 4 – No Elemental Damage/Negative Status
Num 5 – Infinite Drone Ammo
Num 6 – Edit Tech Scrap
Num 7 – Edit Level/Max Power
Num 8 – Get All Components
Num 9 – Ignore Equipment Upgrade Requirements
Num 0 – Super Damage/One Hit Kill

Ctrl+Num 1 – Tech Scrap Multiplier
Ctrl+Num 2 – Damage Multiplier
Ctrl+Num 3 – Set Game Speed

  1. “Edit Tech Scrap” and “Edit Level/Max Power”: If you activate these options in menu or med bay, you’ll need to exit menu/med bay for them to work.
  2. “Get All Components”: Open components tab in inventory, you’ll instantly obtain all components x99.
  3. “Ignore Equipment Upgrade Requirements”: While activated, you can upgrade equipment even if you don’t have the required materials.
  4. “Infinite Drone Ammo” takes effect when drone ammo decreases.

2019.09.28: Support for v20190927 game version; Fixed an error that occurs when activating Infinite Stamina before other options.


File Date added File size Downloads
rar The.Surge.2.v1.0-v20190927.Plus.13.Trainer-FLiNG 2019-09-28 00:17 626 KB 21194

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  1. Avatar Leonardo says:


  2. Avatar Symphony87 says:

    thanks FLiNG you are the best for us.

  3. Avatar tinbin says:

    very nice big thanks

  4. Avatar LL says:

    Thank you very much!
    The king of trainers.

  5. Avatar Silent says:

    Damage editing does not work, or works intermittently. Please fix it!

  6. Avatar Lake333GLD says:

    Fling, you are awesome!

  7. Avatar VideoJones says:

    Just out of curiosity, when the battery option is active the first bar still depletes over and over. Is there a way to stop this or is the beeping something you have to put up with if you want the option active?

  8. Avatar AstroD says:

    thanks , u great person

  9. Avatar Men says:

    Thanks for this!

  10. Avatar Symphony87 says:

    Contra Rogue Corps please

  11. Avatar samrat says:

    thanks bro for this trainer

  12. Avatar Rodavlas Pim says:

    Darte las gracias es lo mejor y sabe el por que ??
    Hayudas a que los juegos sea gratificantes al poder usar el entrenador en situaciones muy pero muy dificiles y salir al paso es eso , la razon por la que te estoy muy agradecido , gracias.

  13. Avatar PrinceHeir says:


  14. Avatar Gouleid Hassan says:

    Thank you so much.

  15. Avatar isiwara00X says:

    Thank you very mush

  16. Avatar Arkan says:


  17. Avatar fonts says:

    Was a very fun game thanks to your trainer. Level design is pretty great. Made the experience much better, thanks.

  18. Avatar Sea says:

    Thanks a lot 🙂

  19. Avatar Nikolas Kanelakis says:

    out update need update trainer.:)

    • FLiNG FLiNG says:

      You don’t need a trainer update for every game updates, it still works fine on the today’s game update.

  20. Avatar Mahdi Khatar says:

    thanks bro i love you

  21. Avatar Lake333GLD says:

    Thank you! You are SUPERB!

  22. Avatar Adsumus says:

    Stygian Reign of the Old Ones trainer needed

  23. Avatar Tom says:

    Thanks Guys! You are the Best!

  24. Avatar samrat says:

    anyway to fix ultimate health glitch when you die from fall damage even though you close the game it give me black screen unless i totally quit the game and then start again

  25. Avatar SP2XE says:

    Nie można zabić Bossa.

  26. Avatar Axterisk says:

    Tks guys! You’re the best.

  27. Avatar Aremic says:

    I was assuming the “Tech Multiplier” would actually be what is represented in the game. Not an actual multiplier of already multiplied tech. Basically I wanted to negate losing the multiplier after visiting the medbay.

  28. Avatar Aremic says:

    Oh, and another great option would be to have enemy health and poise bars displayed at all times, instead of needing to waste a slot on an implant.
    Thanks for the trainer otherwise.

  29. Avatar minktvn says:

    when i finish to install a game, i will look for a trainer, and i decide to down of Flying which is good and free. Thanks for your work.

  30. Avatar Phillip McDonald says:

    Today the trainer for The Surge 2 caused a crash during my gameplay this afternoon.

    The following error says this: Failedto execute Vulkan command ‘result’ (file D:\BuildAgents\buildAgent_pc\git_checkout_per_agent_branch\FledgeRenderer\renderer\vulkan\FledgeRendererCommandBufferManagerVulkan.cpp’ in the line ‘291’), returned: ‘VK_ERROR_DEVICE_LOST’

    this error occurred shortly after playing the game, only to crash at a certain part with the cheats activated.
    the ones I use atm are cheats numpad 1-5, 9 & 0…and CTRL+numpad 1. also, the game itself got updated yesterday
    with the addition of a free DLC, which means its Build is now Build.2019.10.22.

    I tried verifying my game to get it to work with the trainer again, but the result is the same as before.
    So, any chance of updating the trainer? if you can, that would be great…I’ll also try the game again
    but launching it with shortcut of the game’s .exe file instead of a steam desktop link…and if it fails again,
    then I hope you can fix it Fling.

  31. Avatar Phillip McDonald says:

    Same result. the moment I either enter/exit from one location. example; downtown into seaside court,
    the crash result is still the same. and I’ve just tried using the shortcut from the main TheSurge2.exe file.

  32. Avatar Kusanagi Ryuuichi says:

    Game Updated. Trainer need update.

  33. Avatar Mino 666 says:

    When i use infinite health and fall somewhere wher i shud die, get black screan but the game run in the background. Then when i load the game it start’s in the same location and the black screan. The only option is to start a new game. Fix please! Sorry for my writing!

    • Avatar Phillip McDonald says:

      actually I found a solution to the black screen. just quit game, go to The Surge 2’s properties,
      then access local files tab, then verify files. once that’s done, start the game again & load your save.
      you’ll now find the black screen is gone. trust me, it took me a while to realize this…but it works.

  34. Avatar B.B.C says:


  35. Avatar Raizen says:

    Slow motion tactical mod should be a must on most action rpg games.But thats why we have Fling!!
    Fling, you ARE the MAN.

  36. Avatar Ron Ray says:

    When I see “FLiNG”, I know it’s AMAZiNG!

  37. Avatar Dmitry says:

    Fling, can you update trainer with final(probably) update 5?)

  38. Avatar raveman84 says:

    Any updates for GoG version?

  39. Avatar Brah says:

    hey Fling, is it possible to update this trainer to the final and latest build of the game including the DLC?

    • Avatar Brah says:

      To clarify, with a new game file. With only the cheat infinity stamina. The first boss of the game does NOT take damage no matter what u do. Restarting the game does not revert the change.

  40. Avatar AXETON says:

    thank so much, on pc it took me only 2 hrs to beat it, but on console is a very different story, it took me 50 hrs to beat it! hi

  41. Avatar Fat Black Swan says:

    Hell yeah, time to play it again with cheats this is gonna be Awesome !!! Thank you !

  42. Avatar ivango99 says:

    please update

  43. Avatar david says:

    please update for update 5 thanks

  44. Avatar Kay1114 says:

    No Elemental Damage/Negative Status and Damage Multiplier is not working.
    I would really appreciate it if you could look into the matter.

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