Need for Speed Heat Trainer

8 Options · Game Version: v1.0-v20200128+ · Last Updated: 2020.01.29

Need for Speed Heat Trainer/CheatOptions

Num 1 – Infinite Vehicle Health
Num 2 – Instant Refill Nitro
Num 3 – Freeze AI Vehicles
Num 4 – Can’t Be Arrested
Num 5 – Max Heat/Max Wanted Level
Num 6 – Reset Heat/Reset Wanted Level
Num 7 – Infinite Money *(Read Notes)
Num 8 – Max Reputation/Racer Level

  1. “Infinite Vehicle Health” will keep player’s vehicle health bar full, but will not prevent cosmetic damage.
  2. “Freeze AI Vehicles” works on vehicles near player, if the AI vehicles are too far away from player, it will not work on them.
  3. “Max Heat/Max Wanted Level” and “Reset Heat/Reset Wanted Level” take effects when heat increases.
  4. “Max Reputation/Racer Level” takes effect when reputation increases. Note: you need to enter garage to level up.
  5. “Infinite Money” takes effect when money changes. Note this option only works in offline mode. You must set Origin to offline mode for it to work.

1. “Max Reputation/Racer Level” no longer part of “Max Heat” option, it’s now a standalone option. Note: the updated heat and reputation options are not backward compatible.
2. “Reset Heat” will no longer reset your racer level;
3. Updated for v20200128 game version.
2019.12.12: Updated for v20191212 game version.
2019.11.21: Updated for v20191121 game version.


File Date added File size Downloads
rar Need.for.Speed.Heat.v1.0-v20200128.Plus.8.Trainer-FLiNG 2020-01-29 19:13 545 KB 15925
rar Need.for.Speed.Heat.v1.0-v20191212.Plus.7.Trainer-FLiNG 2019-12-12 19:13 545 KB 45751
rar Need.for.Speed.Heat.v1.0-v20191121.Plus.7.Trainer-FLiNG 2019-11-21 17:16 545 KB 9437
rar Need.for.Speed.Heat.v1.0.Plus.7.Trainer-FLiNG 2019-11-09 16:02 545 KB 12609

110 Responses

  1. Avatar POOH says:

    Thank you.

  2. Avatar Lake333GLD says:

    Thank you very much, Fling!

  3. Avatar Lake333GLD says:

    You are the BEST!

  4. Avatar samrat says:

    thanks bro, first racing game your made a trainer, you dnt like racing games dnt you ;D

  5. Avatar Justin says:

    Is this save ?

  6. Avatar Gold972 says:

    You awesome as always

  7. Avatar ANYOMUZ says:

    Wow u guys wanna cheat your ruining the game what a disgrace

  8. Avatar ANYOMUZ says:

    This is why need for speed has a bad name

    • Avatar Lake333GLD says:

      Singleplayer games are just for pleasure, not for a competition between humans. There are so many disabled persons. They just want to play the game… Why are you so evil, humans…

    • Avatar hurpadurp says:

      What the fuck are you doing on a trainer site if you don’t want cheats? How the fuck did you even end up here unless you were searching for trainers? Moron.

  9. Avatar Epi says:

    Neither infinite health nor can’t be arrest works. I appreciate the instant nitro refill though.

  10. Avatar sosig78 says:

    so i tried the trainer… and the heat level related stuff messed up my game.

    I first activated the “max heat” then once i got out of the cop chase i deactivated it and activate the “reset heat” and slammed into a cop, turns out it didn’t work, the heat level stayed at 5. Then after that without touching any trainers I entered the garage. Next thing I know i’m back down to level 2.

    My save was messed up but i managed to get back to level 50 (where i was before using any trainer)

    So the problem that persists is that now if i slam into a cop the chase would initiate then 2 seconds later the heat level would reset to 0. That happens in the first night of the session. then on the second night everything seems normal.

    the other problem I get is that the xp bar in the lobby is full circle lvl 50 while in the game after the first night its only half full circle lvl 50.

    probably is the reason why its doing this… I’ll try to verify the file integrity.

    • Avatar Lake333GLD says:

      Yeah! Do not reset HEAT. It will drop your player level too, when you return to the garage. Just for others… Sorry… But trainer is very useful. Thanks again, Fling!

    • Avatar DefinetelyNotSane says:

      “My save was messed up but i managed to get back to level 50 (where i was before using any trainer)”

      How did you managed that?

    • Avatar needforhack says:

      the rep bar does it for <lvl 50 if there has been a sync error before?

      lvl50 wraps around, but do a few things and it should work in game

      not sure if related – the 394 hp 3.8 flat 6 in some cars (718, 993, 991.2etc) has no sound or revs

  11. Avatar TH7 says:

    didn’t try all option but infinity health works, that’s all we need.
    infinity money freezes the money but deducting money..

  12. Avatar Zazouiiini says:

    Thanks a lot for your work, i lost my save and thanks to this I could recover my 43 hours of game.. The infinite money doesn’t work tho, it just visually freezes the amount of it, thanks a lot !

  13. Avatar Baranowski says:

    Rune II 🙂

  14. Avatar d4rk5ky says:

    Infinite health does not work, which is all i really wanted with this trainer. Thanks for the effort anyway.

  15. Avatar Nikolas says:

    Rune II pls

  16. Avatar erebus says:

    fling boss…please yaga trainer…

    need infinite resources
    body part

    tq fling boss

  17. Avatar Jason says:

    It doesn’t even find the process so I can’t even see whether it works.

  18. Avatar Vaclav Stanek says:

    does not work completely as it should, money needs to show up, but when buying it shows a failed purchase .
    it would be enough to increase the earnings for the race

  19. Avatar Suwa says:

    Game is update please update trainer

  20. Avatar Stoney says:

    FLiNG can we get a trainer for Terminator Resistance? Thanks in advance

  21. Avatar Lake333GLD says:

    Terminator Resistance,
    Star Wars: Jedi: Fallen Order, please!

  22. Avatar Sanya says:

    @FLING please trainer “Terminator Resistance”.

  23. Avatar samrat says:

    Terminator Resistance trainer please, game is out already

  24. Avatar TH7 says:

    Thank you Fling time to Update trainer..

  25. Avatar Sirwuf says:

    Any chance for an update? Appreciated.

  26. Avatar Hustle says:

    Есть вариант уровень понизить с 50 до 30?

  27. Avatar Pullingo says:

    Need update

  28. Avatar Rik says:

    The Freeze Ai dosent work it did before now it dosent

  29. Avatar Tyler says:

    Could you update this one please!

  30. Avatar Rick says:

    A new update just came out today for the game too… lol

  31. FLiNG FLiNG says:

    Trainer updated for today’s game version.

  32. Avatar TH7 says:

    Thank you, for update you are awsome

  33. Avatar Tyler says:

    Thanks @FLiNG! You are the best, I will support soon.

  34. Avatar bomlaka says:

    money hack dont work other options work all

  35. Avatar Stoney says:

    FLiNG can we please get a trainer made for Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts? Thanks in advance

  36. Avatar Cprogress says:

    Hey all of the options are working as intended but the no damage also applies to cops and AI.

  37. Avatar Symphony says:

    Sniper Ghost Warrior Contract please.

  38. Avatar Sanya says:

    please Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts Game

  39. Avatar Lake333GLD says:

    Thanks a lot, Fling! You are the best!

  40. Avatar Jeoffrey Gomes Pinto da Silva says:

    Nice trainer but money is bugged :'(

  41. Avatar Guibaesa says:

    Can you make an option to disable cosmetic damage?

  42. Avatar TrainerDude21 says:

    The infinite money option appears to only affect the “displayed” amount of money. For example, if I have $150,000 available, and buy a $149,000 item, the UI still shows that I have $150k available to me after the purchase completes.

    HOWEVER, if I then attempt to make *another* purchase of $1,001 or more, the purchase fails. I presume this is because the *displayed* amount of money doesn’t match the ACTUAL amount of money I have available to me after the initial purchase.

    Further, the infinite vehicle health guy doesn’t appear to be working at all. I’ve tested this via crashing head on to walls (I know nobody would ever do this in actual gameplay, but I just wanted to confirm that it wasn’t working for my own sanity) and after doing enough damage, the car is wrecked, and I’m unable to shift further than 3rd gear.

    Seems like EA is moving quickly to negate trainers for this one =x

    • Avatar smit says:

      Infinite money works fine in offline mode. Set Origin to offline mode as instructed in the note section. INF money sets money to 999999… in offline mode, if you don’t see the value changes after purchasing item, that mean you’re still online.

  43. Avatar Frappi says:

    Thank you my man. You deserve a good support!!

  44. Avatar Manny says:

    Thanks so much !!

  45. Avatar Omaris Bhumiriady says:

    First of all, I would like to say that your trainers are the best! It made me enjoy the game more than before.

    This trainer is no exception. Very well made and enhances the fun of playing the game. One feedback that I would like to give to improve this trainer is to add 2x, 4x, 8x and 16x multipliers for both money and rep similar to NFS Payback’s trainer.

    Keep up the great work.

  46. Avatar Ragnar says:

    Thank you !!!!

  47. Avatar needforhacks says:

    can you add an option to disable hotkeys within the interface?

  48. Avatar Chris says:

    Hi there.

    I find that the “Instant Refill Nitro” command… kindof works? Not properly though.
    With the Multiple X3 Tanks, it still goes through all of the tanks, and then “tries” to refill but keeps resetting itself until a tank fully fills up.

    Is this normal? Or is this something that would have to be addressed in a future update?


  49. Avatar Goddess Ravenna says:

    can we plz get one for Drift Points, unlimited or w/e and Insta Cop Kill with Inf. Health…

    • Avatar Goddess Ravenna says:

      oh! and Drift is in 4 bytes, but in CE it crashes the game when you Freeze it, tried both online and offline origin Mode..

  50. Avatar Goddess Ravenna says:

    you can go in Offline Mode (it works there ONLY) and buy cars and sell them online.. but it sets to max money which is 100,000,000 (100 Million) works perfectly

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